How to Attend a Formula 1 Race Today

how to attend a formula one race

Attending a formula one event is a dream of every F1 fan. Thousands of people already attend F1 races, as witnessed recently in the United States, and in other venues across the globe. Understanding and knowing how to attend a formula 1 race like a pro is important.

This article is aimed at helping you understand the things you should consider when attending a formula one race.

You should look at this as your step-by-step guide on how to attend a formula 1 race. It is a guide to being part of the greatest motor sport circus in the world.

Over 400,000 fans attended the US Grand Prix in 2021 and this demonstrates that many want to attend formula one event.

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Did each of them have a checklist to attend the F1 race?

How to Attend a Formula 1 Race

If you are a formula one fan like me, then you are always keen to attend an F1 race.

There are two main ways in which you can attend a formula one race;

  1. Attend a physical F1 race.
  2. Watch the race on Television.

It is always a dream to attend and be present at a Grand Prix. You might be saving towards this, and I would encourage you to make the dream come true.

However, there are millions of formula one fans who are unable to attend any of the races in-person. In this regard, watching on television is the closest to attending a formula one it can get for them.

As you prepare to attend a formula one race in-person, you take the following into consideration;

  1. Plan in advance.
  2. Buy your tickets.
  3. Travel to the race venue/track

The logistics of attending a race requires proper planning. You do not want to lack on the basic things you need to enjoy the race.

What You Need to Attend an F1 Race

When planning to attend a formula one race, it is important to ensure you have everything that is needed.

When going to an F1 circuit, here are things you should bring to the race day. They are your F1 race event checklist;

  1. Tickets

While it might look or sound obvious, but tickets are very important when attending a formula 1 race.

Ensure you carry them everywhere, and the best place for your tickets in on a lanyard around your neck. It means you won’t lose or misplace it.

If you are collecting your official ticket package at the track, you are advised to bring some identification as well as your ticket voucher.

  1. Money or cash.

This is another important thing you should bring to a circuit. When attending a formula 1 race, having money or cash is going to help you buy something to eat or drink.

You will also be able to buy F1 teams or drivers merchandise.

While circuits are slowly starting to accept card payments, cash remains the king. Also remember the bank or money ATM  machines at the trackside often run out of cash on a busy weekend.

  1. Back-up Power Supply.

You should ensure you carry along an extra source of power for your gadgets.

I am assuming that you will have your smart phone and probably a camera. In this regard you are likely going to be using your phone battery up more quickly.

  1. Refillable Water Bottle

If you like taking water, and I think you should take water, then you should take along a refillable plastic water bottle. It is important to note that glass bottles or items are prohibited.

You will not be allowed to take alcohol to the track. However, if you are in the VIP or executive paddock, you might have access to drinks, at a fee.

Factors to Consider when Attending a Formula 1 Race

Formula one is a prestigious event and being able to attend a race is a great idea. To enjoy the F1 event, you should consider the following factors when attending an F1 race;

  1. Your tickets.

When planning to attend a formula one race, you should consider the price and accessibility of the official event tickets.

This is because the price will affect your finances. You should budget for the F1 event, to ensure you have enough funds. It will also help you not mess with your other financial obligations.

  1. Weather Conditions

You should be aware of the weather in the country you are in or will be attending the race.

Weather plays a big role in F1 racing. It affects both the sport as well as spectators.

You will need to have items to protect yourself, from either the heat or the rain.

  1. Accommodation

If you are travelling to far away country to attend a formula one race, then you should ensure you take accommodation into consideration.

Plan in advance and have a place to stay. You could book a room in a hotel or secure an airbnb form of accommodation.

Other options include hiring a tent, a van or a motor home.

How much it Costs to Attend an F1 Race

Tickets are one of the key items you should have to attend a formula one race.

It is possible to buy your ticket before the event from the various ticket vendors.

You will pay approximately $400 for a general ticket. However, the cost of your ticket can go up depending on the experience you want to have at the Grand Prix.

You can also secure a customized package from F1 event organizers. This will provide you with an opportunity to experience formula racing based on the ticket package you buy.

To attend a formula one race, it will cost you between $400 to $5,000 to cover your tickets, hotel accommodation and having some spending cash.

You can even pay more depending on the package you purchase and what is included in your access ticket.

For example, getting Paddock Club tickets on the race-day might cost you $2000 alone. That is before you add other costs for things you might need.

Buying tickets to qualifying sessions can be for as little as $21.

I was looking at some of the packages for the Monte Carlo Grand Prix at the Hotel de Paris. It is very interesting that you can secure a 4-night package for anything from $1,700 to $3,900.


In conclusion, attending a formula one race is something you should experience. You should try and attend one event in your lifetime.

If you are a fan of formula one, attending a race at a circuit of your choice can be very fulfilling.

Nothing beats the sights and sounds of an F1 car in close proximity.

However, as you have seen above, you should plan and prepare in advance.

You should also ensure you have all the necessary things to make your race attendance awesome.

For example, you should have water, phone or camera and also sound cancelling headphones among other essentials.