7 Reasons Why Humans Create Award Ceremonies

I have been organizing and hosting annual industry awards for the last couple of years. Developing a concept and creating an awards ceremony takes time and it is hard work. That is why I understand when my daughter asked me; dad, why do humans create award ceremonies?

Organizing an awards event is an interesting pursuit. I have loved the journey. That includes the challenges and benefits of hosting an awards event, including virtual ones.

Back to my daughter’s question now.

To be honest, I did not expect that question from a nine-year old. She probably does not understand why anyone would go to the troubles of creating an awards ceremony.

If you are curious about this as well, then you are in lucky today.

In this article, I intend to help you understand why humans create award ceremonies, and the purpose of such events.

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A human being is social creature at the very basic element. He or she will try as much as possible to create an opportunity to socialize and engage with other human beings.

Why Do Humans Create Award Ceremonies?

Human beings create award ceremonies for the following reasons;

  1. Recognize others.
  2. Celebrate achievements.
  3. Promote a cause.
  4. Increase visibility.
  5. Build brand awareness.
  6. Grow networks and contacts
  7. Make money.

It is important to note that the basic idea is to affirm good action of others.

However, a person can start and create an award event for selfish reasons as much as it is for the good of others.

7 Reasons Why Humans Create Award Ceremonies

If you have been wondering about this topic, here are seven reasons why human beings create award ceremonies.

  1. Recognize others.

Awards are basically a way to recognize the work and efforts of other people.

In this regard, starting an awards program is aimed at recognizing others in an industry or within an organization.

  1. Celebrate achievements.

When someone achieves a fete or does something good, it is nice to celebrate those wins.

It could be as simple as winning an award, graduating from university, reaching a business goal or getting married.

Whatever the case, humans create award ceremonies to celebrate these achievements.

  1. Promote a cause.

Another reason why humans create award ceremonies is to promote a cause in a particular field.

This is very common as award ceremonies can be used to highlight an important topic or agenda in society.

You can create an award ceremony to bring to people’s attention your favourite cause.

  1. Increase visibility.

In business, entrepreneurs and business leaders can leverage award ceremonies to raise or increase their brand’s visibility in the market.

You can do that by creating award events to celebrate your employees. It is also possible to organize an awards ceremony for your industry.

  1. Build brand awareness.

Another reason why humans create award ceremonies is to be able to build brand awareness.

This is common in business and professional circles.

You can improve your personal brand by creating an awards program.

Being known in your industry as the person who organizes and hosts the industry awards ceremony is a plus to your resume.

  1. Grow networks and contacts

Award events are one of the best places or venues to grow your network and contacts.

This works for both social and business purposes. Creating and building your network is important for your professional or business career.

It is also important to have social capital. You get this from your network. As they say, your network is your net worth.

  1. Make money.

Earning money is central to some of the activities that people do. Award ceremonies are big business.

In this regard, one of the reasons or motivation for a human to create an award ceremony is to be able to make money.

As an entrepreneur, you can create an awards ceremony and generate income from the event.

There are several ways in which you can monetize your awards ceremony. You can get sponsors, ticket sales and brand deals among other ways.


When you think about it, there are valid reasons why humans create award ceremonies.

From my experience, you should identify the core objective why you want to start an awards program.

Having this clarify will guide you in designing and creating a successful awards ceremony. In today’s world, you can event host a virtual awards event.

The main reason why humans create award ceremonies is to recognize and celebrate achievements of other people or businesses.

It is a noble idea and demonstrates that you are proud of the work being done by other human beings.

Awards are a good way to motivate people to continue in a certain path. You are in simple terms affirming and showing pride in someone’s work.

If you are an entrepreneur, events are a big business. You can leverage an awards ceremony to generate or make money.

As I close, I hope you have understood that humans create award ceremonies for various reasons.

If you would like to start an awards program in your industry or within your business, find out the reason that will motivate you the most.

In the meantime, I wish you all the best in creating an awards event.

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