Why are Celebrities Obsessed with Awards

It is fascinating to watch various celebrities during award shows. You probably have also seen them on the red carpet, taking photos, showcasing their dress and giving award’s acceptance speeches. While this is great, one must wonder; why are celebrities obsessed with awards?

To a naked eye, award shows are about celebrating achievements and recognizing outstanding performances in various categories.

However, if you look deeper, you will realize that there is more than meets the eye.

It is clear that celebrities are obsessed with awards. They love award shows and attending such an event is sometimes considered better than even winning an award.

That is how obsessed celebrities can be to awards.

In this article, I will give you ideas and reasons why this might be the case. You will learn and understand the benefits that a celebrity gets from awards.

It is why getting an invitation to attend an awards gala event is such a big deal to celebrities today.

Why are Celebrities Obsessed with Awards?

Here are the top reasons why celebrities are obsessed with awards.

  1. Prestige
  2. Publicity & Marketing
  3. Build personal brands
  4. Earn money
  5. Showcase fashion
  6. Brand deals
  7. Entertain their fans

Take time to learn and understand the motivation that drives celebrities. Doing that gives you an idea of why they might have an obsession with award events.

7 Reasons Celebrities are Obsessed with Awards

If you have been wondering why celebrities like attending awards ceremonies, then you are in luck today.

I am sharing with you seven top reasons why your favorite celebrity has an obsession with awards;

  1. Prestige.

Awards are prestigious and award events are very glamorous.

You probably have see this in action during red carpet events. Celebrities like and enjoy this prestige.

  1. Publicity & Marketing

When a celebrity goes to an awards gala event, they get publicity and free marketing.

This is very important. In most cases, you will find that the celebrity is keen on building their fan base or followers.

  1. Build personal brands

Another reason why celebrities like award ceremonies is to build their personal brands.

There are huge benefits to a celebrity whose personal brand is popular. It could be the difference between earning money and remaining unknown in the industry.

  1. Earn money

Some celebrities make or earn money from awards event. This could include promoting their own products or services.

You will also find some are paid to attend the awards shows, with the objective of promoting what they are wearing.

  1. Showcase fashion

Fashion is big business when it comes to award programs.

To celebrities, it is an opportunity or platform to showcase their designers and the fashion trends.

Some designers enter into deals with popular celebrities to wear their shoes, clothes or dress and other accessories like watches or necklaces.

  1. Brand deals

One of the ways celebrities make money is through sponsorship and brand deals.

To secure such a deal, a celebrity should be visible and attending industry events.

One such event to attend includes industry awards. It provides an opportunity to network and also remain relevant in a sector.

  1. Entertain their fans

Entertainment remains a big part of ways celebrities engage with fans or supporters. This is true in music and fashion industries.

Therefore, one reason why celebrities have an obsession with award is to entertain their fans.

For example, some artists enjoy attending awards events to host or perform their music.


In conclusion, it is important to understand why celebrities have an obsession with awards.

In most cases, there are valid reasons why your favorite celebrity might seem interested in industry awards.

These reasons include publicity, marketing, showcasing fashion and as a way to build personal brands.

You should not forget that awards are powerful platforms for individual and corporate brands.

A smart celebrity can leverage awards to create visibility and potentially close deals with top brands. This would be a great way to earn money and increase his or her wealth.

Fashion industry is a very lucrative business. That is why celebrities seem to have an obsession with awards.

An awards show provides the best platform for product placement and creating fashion trends.

For example, in 2002 when Kate Winslet wore the infamous one shouldered red dress to the Oscars, the creator Ben de Lisi proclaimed;

“I can’t possibly quantify how much publicity I got from that or how much money I made. And now, every time anyone writes about her they use the picture of her in the dress and so it just goes on and on.”

As you can see, the potential for an awards show to create value to a brand is huge. Celebrities know this, and that is why they have an obsession with awards.