11 Unique Luxury Party Entertainment Ideas

Every person aspires to get and enjoy the fine things in life. It is why you work hard. You want to earn money and afford a life of luxury. If you are like me, you have wondered what luxury party entertainment ideas looks like.

When you watch the rich and wealthy in our society, they seem to play on a different league from us when it comes to partying.

Aspiring to enjoy life like them is a good thing.

However, you need to first figure out what it takes to get or to enjoy luxury parties.

If you are an entrepreneur or run an event planning business, you can get involved in organizing or luxury hosting parties for the wealthy. This is one of the events you can host to make money.

To succeed in this, you need to come up with a list of luxury party entertainment ideas that you can execute well when given a chance.

In this article, I will share with you some of the best luxury party entertainment ideas.

As you can expect, the rich and the wealthy expect the best in everything. This includes on the kind of party or event they host.

Luxury Party Entertainment Ideas

What entertainment ideas can you use when hosting a luxury party?

I would like to share with you the following luxury party entertain ideas;

  1. Luxury cocktails
  2. Cigar bar
  3. Whiskey tasting
  4. Live music
  5. Private cooking
  6. Spa treatment
  7. Premium kid’s entertainment
  8. Virtual skydiving
  9. Yachting
  10. Casino night
  11. Exotic or traditional dancers

When well executed, any of the above ideas is going to ensure your party is fun and entertaining.

The idea is to provide guests at your luxury party with an experience they will always remember.

Best Luxury Party Entertainment Ideas

Hosting or organizing a luxurious party requires a great deal attention to detail.

One of thing to consider having a successful luxury party is how to entertain guests.

Here are eleven of the best luxury party entertainment ideas;

  1. Luxury cocktails

When hosting a luxury party, you can entertain your guests by providing exotic cocktails.

Get the best mixologist and create a cocktail experience that your guests will not forget.

Adding some sophistication to your cocktails will provide a luxurious feel at your party.

There are many recipes for classy and upscale drinks you can use to create awesome cocktails.

  1. Cigar bar

If some of your guests smoke cigars, it would be great to include a cigar bar at your luxury party.

Provide your visitors with an opportunity for them to experience the finest cigars.

  1. Whiskey tasting

As a person who loves and enjoys whiskey, I would appreciate having a tasting session at a party.

Luxury party host understand this, and will usually add this experience to the entertainment.

In some cases, top whiskey brands will actually host their own luxury parties and allow guests to taste their whiskey.

A few months ago, a premium whiskey brand asked me to organize a small party of about 25 people on their behalf.

In this party, we entertained guests with the best food and entertainment, including a whiskey tasting experience.

  1. Live music

Many luxury parties include having music.

You can take this a notch higher by having live music from a top artist or musician.

Rich and wealthy people are known to invite performance from some of the most sought-after musicians.

For example, you can fly them into your resort or bring them along to your yacht luxury party.

  1. Private cooking

This is an idea that can work very well at your luxury party.

It saves you time and ensures your guests get the best foods and biting at the event.

Having private chefs at your party can provide a customized cooking experience for your visitors.

  1. Spa treatment

You can include a private spa treatment as part of your luxury party entertainment.

This is one of the best ways to spoil your guests and visitors at the party.

And you are not alone.

Hotels across the world are providing lavish and luxurious spa treatment as part of their entertainment packages.

In United States, you can experience this kind of luxury at Spa Montage Beverly Hills or at The Peninsula, both located in California.

  1. Premium kid’s entertainment

If you are a parent, then this would truly mean a lot to you.

Having a premium entertainment for kids at a luxury party is very unique.

It is a way to provide value to your guests, while also ensuring kids are enjoying or having fun at the party.

Parents appreciate this kind of a gesture and you will win their hearts by thinking about their kids.

Hosting a luxury party is a chance to enjoy wholesome family entertainment.

  1. Virtual skydiving

People are taking to the skies and diving these days. It seems to be a very interesting thing to do for celebrities and rich people.

You probably have seen your favorite actors or athletes sky diving.

To add into your luxury party, you can bring this experience to your guests or visitors.

One of the ways you can do it is by having virtual skydiving at your luxury party.

All you need is a VR skydiving simulator. You can buy or lease one to use at your luxury party.

This will bring the virtual reality to your party, and ensure your guest are entertained in an unique way.

  1. Yachting

If you would like to experience real luxury, you should include a yacht ride as part of your luxury party.

The yacht will sail into the water to provide you and your guests a chance to enjoy life.

You will experience nature and enjoy a unique perspective on the yacht.

This idea can work for both formal and social events like weddings, birthdays or anniversaries.

In some cases, you can dive and swim.

  1. Casino night

You can create and organize a casino-like night at your luxury party.

This would be a great idea to entertain your guests. You will provide an opportunity for them to enjoy various games.

It is possible to have slot machines, poker and casino game tables. This would add glamour and color to your luxury party

  1. Exotic trips

While not common, you will find wealthy people organizing trips to exotic destinations as part of the luxury party entertainment.

As you can imagine, it costs a lot of money to pull this one.

But when you have your own private jets and yachts, the logistics becomes a little bit easier.

That is why only very rich and wealthy people execute this idea as part of their luxury party entertainment ideas.


In conclusion, it is human nature to want a luxurious life. I know you would like to enjoy the fine things in life.

When you observe the wealthy and the rich in our society, they seem to be eating life with a big spoon.

They drive the nice cars, live in awesome houses, wear the best and expensive designer clothes.

Heck, they also wear expensive watches and jewelry.

However, nothing compares to the lavish and luxury parties that they host or get invited to.

This is a dream for many people who would want to have a taste of what a luxury party is all about.

You can too enjoy this life.

The above list of luxury party entertainment ideas provides you a glimpse of things you can do to host a luxurious event.

While you might not have the resources to splash on a big event, you can modify the above ideas and host a smaller version of a luxurious party.

If you are in the events business, the above ideas can help you serve your clients better.

You can use the above luxury party entertainment ideas to create and host an event for your customers.

I do hope that you have found this resource to be of value to you. All the best as you plan to organize a successful luxury party.