17 Ways on How to Attract Youth to an Event

A large population in the world comprises of youth. Brands are working hard to engage this group through event marketing. To succeed, you must learn how to attract youth to an event.

When hosting an event, there is always an objective to be achieved.

Events are very good at engaging or entertaining your target audience or potential clients.

If your products or services target the youthful segment of the market, then you should find ways to attract youth to your events.

Event marketing plays a significant role in promoting or increasing a brand’s visibility in the market.

It is a popular ways to introduce or market products and services to the youth.

Therefore, understanding how to attract youth to an event is of great importance to the marketers.

In this article, I will share with you ideas, tips and strategies you can use to attract the youth to your event.

This is your guide on how to get or entice young people to come to your event this year.

How to Attract Youth to an Event

Marketing to the young people can be a challenge to an event planner.

If you are seeking to attract the youth to your event, you should consider doing the following;

  1. Use technology
  2. Have a diverse mindset
  3. Leverage games/gaming
  4. Incorporate food and beverages
  5. Utilize social media
  6. Add music or entertainment
  7. Customize your content
  8. Undertake research
  9. Make your event interactive
  10. Incentivize attendance
  11. Use visually appealing graphics
  12. Involve youth in planning
  13. Glam it up
  14. Strategic pricing
  15. Align with influencers
  16. Create an experience
  17. Creative spaces or venues

Youth are an interesting market segment. It is important to align your event to the interests of this young demographics.

Event organizers or hosts who are able to attract young people can reap benefits for a very long time.

17 Ways to Attract Youth to an Event.

How can I attract youth to my event?

If you are wondering about this, then you have come to the right place.

Here are seventeen ways to attract youth to an event in a smart and cost-effective manner;

  1. Use technology

The young people are very conversant with technology these days.

You should leverage technology and digital solutions.

As you organize and host your event, include digital platforms in your strategy.

They will help you to attract young people or youth to your event.

  1. Have a diverse mindset

Diversity and inclusion is big to the young people today. They see themselves as global citizens.

In this regard, you should have a diversity mindset to attract them to your event.

Ensure you are as broad as possible in your messaging, including taking care of the minority in society.

Be aware of the biases people have and avoid using them when seeking their attention.

You should make your event appealing to youths from all walks of life.

  1. Leverage games or gaming

Young people enjoy and are into games today.

To attract youth to your event, you should incorporate games or the idea of gaming into your event.

You could host online games to promote your event to the youthful audience.

  1. Incorporate food and beverages

Studies show that food and beverages are important to the youth.

To attract youth to your event, you should experiment with your menu for the event.

However, you should remember that food or drinks preferences vary significantly with generations.

Young people like certain kind of foods and beverages. Use that information to tailor-make your event to appeal to a younger audience.

  1. Utilize social media

Take time to study how youth use the social media. Find out their favorite social media platforms.

With this information, create a plan on how to reach out to the using social media.

A good strategy will help you to leverage the power of social media to attract youth to your events.

  1. Add music or entertainment

Music and entertainment are usually very popular with the younger demographics.

It would be important to find ways to add music or an entertainment aspect to your event.

You could have a band or musician playing at the event. Alternatively, you could have a DJ playing music after the event to entertain the youth.

  1. Customize your content

One of the ways to attract youth to your event is by customizing the content to fit the audience.

A youthful audience is very unique and different from an older audience.

You should create event content that aligns with the youth.

  1. Undertake research

Research is very important when planning to host a youth event.

Undertaking research into topics and subjects that are important to the youth will help you create an event that will attract the youth.

You also use the research to understand the tastes and preferences of this youthful demography.

  1. Make your event interactive

Youth are very active and like interactive events.

In this regard, it is critical that you provide room for interactivity at your event.

Doing this is one of the ways to attract youth to your event.

  1. Incentivize attendance

This strategy works magic to attract youth participants at an event.

You should think outside the box, and come up with ideas that will incentivize youth attendance.

For example, you can have things to be won by attendees including t-shirts, smart phones, VIP tickets and cash prizes among other things.

  1. Use visually appealing graphics

Event branding is critical and young people take such things necessary.

Given that they are active on social media, you should have visually appealing graphics.

These are going to help you attract youth to an event.

Sharing them on social platforms will increase visibility and potentially increase number of attendees to your event.

  1. Involve youth in planning

To attract youth to your event, it might be smart ot actually involve them in the planning of the event.

Let them share ideas with you on how to organize and create an awesome event.

When people feel appreciate and their views taken into consideration, they support you.

If you do this, you are likely to have more youth attending your event.

  1. Glam it up

One of the reasons why academy awards are popular is how people dress up to such events.

They are stylish and show up in some of the best dresses, gowns and shoes.

To attract the youth to your event, you could ask and encourage them to dress in a fashionable way.

You could also have an event dress code that promotes new trends in fashion including sunglasses.

  1. Strategic pricing

Young people are price sensitive.

If you are selling tickets to your event, you should be very strategic when it comes to pricing.

Do research and find the best price to charge, while providing the best value to your audience.

  1. Align with influencers

Influencer marketing is on the rise and can be a powerful tool when it comes to events.

Young people admire various influencers as their role models.

To attract youthful audience to your event, you should find influencers and work with them.

For example, you could hire a musician, social media influencer and other artists to promote your event to their audience.

Aligning with popular influencers can help you reach to the youth and attract them to the event your are hosting.

  1. Create an experience

Events can sometimes be pretty boring. Young people do not like boring events.

To ensure your event is exciting, you should create an experience that is enjoyable and fun.

You should think through how you want people to feel by attending the event.

  1. Creative spaces or venues

Where you host your event is an important consideration by the youth.

It is critical that you come up with creative event venue ideas. Host your event at a venue or space that is inspiring and interesting to the youth.

Having a great venue is one of the ways to attract youth to an event.

It should be a place where the young people identify with and feel comfortable at.


In conclusion, being able to attract and audience to your event is the first step towards hosting a successful event.

The youth represent a huge market today. You cannot ignore this demographic when it comes to event marketing.

However, it is important to learn how to attract youth to an event.

As a brand, if you are seeking to attract younger customers, engaging them through event marketing can be very powerful.

Younger professionals or business executives can be your customers for a very long time. This works if you can capture them early enough in their life.

If you are targeting young people, you must invest in learning how to attract the youth to your events.

The above ideas and strategies can help you in teaching you how to attract youth to an event.

I hope that this resource has added value to you.

This guide has been created to help you in attracting youth to your events.