7 Reasons Why Industry Awards Are Important

The world of business is changing on a daily basis. Competition is stiff and you need to find unique ways to stand out in the marketplace. One of the ways you can do this is through participating or winning awards. However, the real question is; why are industry awards important?

To be able to consider this as an option to help your brand or business, you should understand the value awards or recognition bring to your business.

As a person who has been hosting industry awards for a while now, I can share with you some valuable reasons why I think awards are important to you.

While my perspective and reasons are not exhaustive, they are going to provide you with insights and help you think of the strategic value recognition bring.

Awards are a way of recognizing success or achievements within an industry.

If you look around your sector, it is possible that there already exists an award’s program you can join or participate in.

The idea is to ensure that the organizers of the awards within your industry are reputable and there is credibility. You do not want to get involved in an awards program that would damage your brand’s reputation in the market.

In this article, I will help you understand why industry awards are important to you and your business today.

Why are Industry Awards are Important?

Getting an industry award or recognition in important for the following reasons;

  1. Improved employee morale
  2. Increased visibility
  3. Higher prices
  4. Attract talent
  5. Increased credibility
  6. Free marketing
  7. Benchmarking

As an entrepreneur, business leader or professional, you should work hard and find industry awards that you can participate in.

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When building your career, you might use some of the awards you have received in your resume.

7 Reasons Why Industry Awards are Important.

If you have been wondering; why are awards so important? You have come to the right resource.

Industry awards recognize the hard work and achievements of your business or employees.

  1. Improved Employee Morale

Winning an award is one of the ways you can boost or improve the morale of the employees.

Industry awards recognize and appreciate the work of employees within an organization. This has a positive impact on the people who receive the award.

  1. Increased Visibility

As a business, it is critical to promote your brand, products or services. Industry awards can help you to boost your marketing activity, in effect increasing your visibility in the market.

This works when you are participating in the awards.

You will get visibility as a nominee, and also when your business wins any of the industry awards.

  1. Higher Prices

One of the ways you can increase your business revenues, and profitability is by increasing your prices.

I am sure you are wondering how industry awards can do this for you.

When you win an award, you raise the profile of your brand and the products or services you offer the market.

Customers associate awards and recognition with quality. This provides you with a window of opportunity to raise your prices.

  1. Attract Talent

People love to work with winners.

In this regard, when your business gets a nomination or wins an industry awards, it sends positive signal to potential employees.

Therefore, you will start getting and attracting top talent wanting to join your team.

  1. Increased Credibility

In business, credibility of a brand, product or service is critical to the success of the organization.

Entrepreneurs and business leaders spend millions of dollars trying to create value, and credibility in the market place.

One of the reasons why industry awards are important today is because they help you increase your credibility.

Winning an award, from a respected and credible organization goes a long way in increasing your own credibility.

Therefore, you should find ways to enter and be part of the various awards program in your sector.

  1. Free Marketing

Awards come with a lot of marketing and publicity. This is because organizers of awards shows or events invest in promoting their events.

Your business or organization is going to get free marketing if you participate in the industry’s awards.

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  1. Benchmarking

As an entrepreneur or business leader, it is possible that you would love to know how you are fairing as compared to your peers in the industry.

Awards are a way to know or learn how other people see you.

You can actually argue that it is a way for a business to get validation from peers and the market.

In programs that include customer voting or participation, you can get feedback from what consumers feel about your brand, products or services.

Therefore, you can leverage industry awards for bench marking purposes.

Why Recognition is Important in an Industry

I do not know about you, but being recognized feels great.

Humans love it when someone appreciates their efforts or work. it can truly improve your mood for the day when your wife, boss or friend appreciates you.

That is why industry awards are important too. People within the industry respond to appreciation and recognition of their work.

For example, when employees are recognized for their work, productivity increases. This can lead to better work and more profits for a business.

If you are an entrepreneur or business leader, you should ensure that you recognize the contribution being made by your team.

Celebrating achievements of others at a workplace is an important aspect of industry awards.


In conclusion, you should be able to leverage on the awards within your industry or sector to promote your business.

Industry awards have many benefits, and participating in them might add value to your brand.

However, to succeed in this, you need to create a plan and have a team to own the process.

Awards entry or application process can be tedious. It requires you to prepare and submit information to the judging panel.

To have real chance at winning an award, you should invest in telling your own business story.

As you have seen above, you have enough reasons that make industry awards important to your overall success as a business.

You are able to increase morale of your employee, raise the visibility of your brand; you get free marketing and can be able to raise your prices.

All these reasons should be compelling to you. Awards can help you to improve your company’s bottom line.

Investing time and money in being part of your industry’s award process and ceremonies is important. Think about it and make strategic moves to make it happen.

In the meantime, I wish you success and hope you win an award this year.