How Much Do F1 Team Principals Make

how much do f1 team principals make

Every business or team requires a leader. When it comes to formula one teams, these leaders are called team principals. It is a demanding job and has perks. At the point, you might be wondering; how much do F1 team principals make?

It is possible you are intrigued by the lifestyle of the various team principals.

You might also be thinking of one day becoming a team principal yourself. It is a career path worth pursuing.

The amount of money team principals make can influence your choice of career.

To understand the salaries of team principals in F1, you should be able to figure out how formula one makes money.

As a business, it is important to understand the business and revenue model for the F1 sport. How do F1 teams make money?

In this article, I will help you with information on how much F1 team principals make.

This is based on publicly available data, given some of the companies are listed in stock exchanges.

I have also undertaken research including talking to some leaders within the industry.


In conclusion, I do hope that this article has shed some light on how much F1 team principals earn as salary.

Formula one is a big money business. Teams, F1 drivers, team principals and the investors or owners make money.

I do not know if you are surprised by the amount of money F1 team principals are earning today.

The reality is, some of the F1 drivers earn more than their team principals.

As the sport grows, and as teams generate more income, there should be more transparency on how much F1 team principals earn every month or annually.

Being a team principal sound like an interesting job. Am not sure Toto Wolff, Christian Horner or Matio Binotto and other team leaders would share in your sentiments.

While most of the team principal salaries is not public, the above figures provide an idea of how much they earn.

As you have noted, the range of money paid to team principal range from $1 million to $10 million. Red Bull’s Christian Horner is the highest paid team principal.

You might consider what a team principal like Toto Wolff earns as small, compared to the fact that he leads Mercedes F1 team.

However, he is a shareholder of the Mercedes F1 racing team. This means he also earns dividend income from business profits.

Under his leadership, Mercedes F1 team has won eight consecutive constructors’ championship, with Lewis Hamilton winning seven drivers’ championships.