How Much Do Event Videographers Make

Event videography is an interesting and a lucrative field to venture into. However, you should understand the economics behind this line of work. If you are interested in event videography, one question you must ask and get answers for is; how much do event videographers make?

To get an answer to this question, it is important that you work backwards to understand how event videographers are paid.

It all starts at the planning stages by the event planner or the event management company.

When organizing or planning to host an event, you should always have an events budget. This lists all the services you will need to outsource and pay for during your event.

One of the items to include in that budget is the money to be paid to photographers and videographers.

It means that if you want event videographers at your event, you have allocated the amount of money you will compensate them for their services.

This depends on the size and the scope of the event.

Small events will have a small budget. Big events like conference or gala dinners might have a relatively bigger budget.

The amount of money event videographers earn or make also depends on the level of skills.

You would not expect a beginner event videographer to make the same amount of money as an experience videographer.

In this article, I will help you understand and learn how much event videographers make.

This is a guide on how much event videographers are expected to make per event.


In conclusion, there are several factors to consider when it comes to how much event videographers make or earn.

Their experience, size of the event, scope of the assignment and location of the event can influence the money a n event videographer makes.

But one thing is clear; there is money to be made in event videography.

If you are interested in this line of work as a videographer, there is an opportunity to make money.

Also, it can provide a great business opportunity in event management for an entrepreneur. You can tap into this niche and build an events business around event videography as a service.

Event videographers make between $250 for individual events to over $100,000 for big corporate events in United States of America.

On average, low-earning event videographers make $2,250 per month, with top-earning videographers making $9,170 per month.

This is according to data from Bureau of Statistics in the US

As you can see, making money as an event videography is possible and you can do it.

I hope you have found this resource helpful and of value to you today.

As you embark on building your event videography career or business, use this as a guide on how much event videographers make or earn from their work.