21 Top Event Ideas to Attract Customers

If you are an entrepreneur or a business owner, attracting clients is critical to your success. You can do that through event marketing. To do this, you need event ideas to attract customers.

Attracting customers is a challenge to a lot of people. You might be struggling to bring new clients to your business.

Event marketing can be of great value to your business. You can leverage events to build brand awareness, engage your existing customers and attracting new business.

It is important to have event ideas to attract customers.

As a strategy, event marketing can help you to bring in clients. More customers means potential to make or generate more money.

As you come up with event ideas to attract customers, you should think of ideas that can help you make money too.

In this article, I am going to share with you the best event ideas to attract customers today.

As you will notice, customer events are a great way to attract new prospect and loyal customers to your business.

Event Ideas to Attract Customers

Attracting participants and customers to your business is always the objective of an entrepreneur or business leader.

One of the ways to get clients to buy your products or services is through event marketing.

Here are event ideas you can execute to attract customers;

  1. Learning events
  2. Interactive events
  3. Travel events
  4. Lecture events
  5. Fundraising events
  6. Networking events
  7. Adventure events
  8. Just for fun events
  9. Virtual events
  10. Games and sports
  11. Contests
  12. Workshop and seminars
  13. Conferences and exhibitions
  14. Product launches
  15. Book signing
  16. Special guests
  17. VIP events
  18. Experiential events
  19. Holiday events
  20. Bring your friend events
  21. Entertainment or social events

These are event ideas that can work to attract clients today.

You should find out which event idea works best for your business. Create a plan and implement it to drive more customers to your enterprise.

Event marketing can be a very powerful tool in generating business leads.

This could lead to more income for your business.

21 Event Ideas on How to Attract Customers

Customers are the lifeline of any business. It is therefore critical that you find ways to have customers coming to your business.

Events play a significant role in generating business leads. They are also important in engaging existing and potential customers.

To attract customers to your business, you should consider the following event ideas;

  1. Learning events

These are events that help you educate customers about your business.

You can organize and host an event for a day to teach people.

This can be done in-person or virtually through webinars.

  1. Interactive events

Audience and customer engagement is very important when it comes to events.

You should create ways to ensure your audience is part of your process.

Providing such opportunities deepen your relationship with audience. It is a way to attract customers to your business.

  1. Travel and tour

You can attract customers by hosting tours or executions. These travel events help you build a closer relationship with potential customers.

It is great way for people to experience your brand, products or services.

Think about it; what would be a better way for a travel company or airline to showcase their products than organizing a trip for their clients?

  1. Lecture events

Business leaders often make or give lectures at institutions of higher learning.

In other times, you will find a leader making public lecture on an important subject within their industry.

This is a form of creating and building authority in an industry.

Having these kinds of lecture events creates awareness about a company and attracts customers.

  1. Fundraising events

Organizing a fundraising event for a charity cause is another way for you to attract customers.

People love brands that care for others. You should do good things as part of your social responsibility.

In so doing, you are going to attract the attention of a new audience, people who might end up being your clients.

  1. Networking events

Many businesses host networking events for their existing as well as potential customers.

It is possible you have been invited to a cocktail event, a product launch dinner or a corporate golf event.

These events are created as a way for the company to attract customers.

When done well, networking events are powerful in moving people forward in your overall marketing funnel.

  1. Adventure events

It is possible to attract customers by creating events or activities that are adventurous.

People love activities such as rock climbing, archery, hikes and camping.

With a product or service that serves such niches, it is important to incorporate adventure into your marketing plan.

  1. Just for fun events

Depending on your target audience, you can create ‘just for fun’ events.

Examples of these include trivia night, playing monopoly and fantasy racing among others.

These are aimed for fun, and can help you to attract clients.

  1. Virtual events

Virtual events are on the rise, as more people adopt online platforms as a way to host events.

I have hosted my fair share of virtual events, including virtual awards.

You can use virtual events to attract more customers to your business or side hustle.

  1. Games and sports

Gaming industry is huge and provides immense opportunities for brands to attract customers.

Your business can leverage the popular online games to reach out to new audiences.

Another idea that can help you attract customers is to sponsor a sport that your target clients enjoy.

For example, you can sponsor a golf tournament.

  1. Contests

Running contests where people can win prizes is a smart way to attract customers.

You have seen them or have actually participated in such contests.

Business run them at their offices, and also leverages the power of internet to organize and run contests.

  1. Workshop and seminars

If you are keen to attract more clients to your business, you could organize a workshop or seminar.

These events are intimate and provide in-depth knowledge to your attendees.

  1. Conferences and exhibitions

Attending or hosting a conference event can help you to increase brand visibility in the market.

However, the most important element of conferences and exhibitions is ability to bring or attract customers.

Interacting with attendees at conferences or exhibition event is important in generating leads.

  1. Product launches

Businesses usually host product launches to introduce new products to the market.

A product launch serves many purposes, including ability to attract customers to your business.

  1. Book signing

If you are a book publisher, book signing events are a perfect way for you to attract buyers.

You can sell your books at the book signing.

Importantly, hosting such an event helps you to attract people who can turn into your customers.

  1. Special guests

You can invite special people within your industry as guests to your event.

Brands have used this tactic to promote their products and services. It is also a way to attract customer or clients.

I have seen companies hosting popular musicians, athletes and award-winning influencers.

  1. VIP events

This works very well for premium products or services.

You can organize and host a VIP event by inviting your target audience to attend.

An example of this would a whiskey tasting or cigar experience event.

  1. Experiential events

One of the best event ideas to attract customers is experiential marketing.

This provides your potential customers with an opportunity to experience your products or services.

I once attended an event by a beverage brand where they allowed enjoying their drinks.

  1. Holiday events

Every person looks forward to a holiday, a time to rest and spend more time with loved ones.

You can come up with a unique way to engage potential customers through holiday events.

  1. Bring your friend events

This idea stems from the word of mouth marketing.

It is simple and can help you increase your customers.

Ask your existing clients to attend your event, but request to bring along one or two other people.

  1. Entertainment or social events

People love to enjoy good entertainment.

As a brand or company, you can attract customers by hosting events that are social and entertaining.

Humans are social creatures. They like and enjoy being with other people.

You can leverage social events to position your business positively in the eyes of potential customers.


In conclusion, the above event ideas are good to attract customers to your business today.

As part of your marketing efforts, you should include event marketing in your strategy.

This is because events are and can be crucial to attracting customers for your business.

While there many event ideas to attract customers, I would advise you pick one or two and execute.

Do not be overwhelmed by the many ideas you are thinking about. One great event idea can help you attract new clients, or increase engagement with existing customers.

Whether you decide to take advantage of these or any other options for your upcoming event or conference, these events should help you out.

They are fun and easy to do, helping you attract more visitors to your venue and improve conversions and get people to come back.

The future of business is understanding what works for your business. In this regard, you should start taking advantage of these engagement options.

I do hope that this resource on the event ideas to attract customers has provided you with great value.