11 Reasons Youth Should Attend Events

As a young person, you might have wondered why youth should attend events. You get invites into seminars, workshops, exhibitions and conferences.

There are many events that seek the attention or try to attract the youth.

While inviting someone to an event is one thing, having them attend is quite another thing.

But why should the youth attend events?

If you are an event planner or a business seeking a youthful audience, it is important to find ways to have people attend.

You should find out the reasons why youth attend events and align your event’s objective with their interests.

In this article, you will learn the reasons as to why as a youth you should attend events. This is guide on the benefits of attending events as a young person.

For businesses, this information will guide you in understanding what motivates a young person to attend events. You can use this information to create an event that attracts the youth to an event.

Why Youth Should Attend Events

Events play a significant role in a person’s life. This includes professional or career life as well as business life.

Young people have opportunities to attend events including birthdays, graduation, weddings, parties, seminars and conferences among others.

When it comes to events, youth or young people are advised to attend events for the following reasons.

  1. Learn or acquire knowledge.
  2. Meet people
  3. Personal growth and development
  4. Have fun.
  5. Expand perspectives
  6. Inspiration
  7. Visit new places
  8. Experience
  9. To be heard
  10. Make or earn money
  11. Independence

You will find a great deal of value when you attend events. However, you should have a plan and a strategy of how you are going to leverage events for your own growth.

11 Reasons Youth Should Attend Events

As a young person, you should invest your time and resources in attending summits, conferences and sports events.

Here are the eleven reasons why youth or young people should attend events;

  1. Learn or acquire knowledge.

When you attend an event as a youth, you are going to get an opportunity to learn new things.

Events provide you with a chance to acquire new knowledge from mentors, tutors and the event speakers.

This is true for educational events like youth conferences, seminars and workshops.

  1. Meet people.

Attending an event is an opportunity to meet people from different walks of life.

Events provide you with immense networking opportunities. You will be able to create new friendships by attending or participating at events.

These are relationships that will or can be very helpful as you grow and develop in your career.

Some of my best friends and business associates are people I met as a young person in various events.

  1. Personal growth and development

One major reason is the personal growth and development one gets from attending events.

If you are within the youth age bracket, it is important to focus on your growth as a person.

This is a reason why you should find and attend seminars, workshops and training events that equip you with personal growth skills.

It is critical you leverage events for personal growth.

  1. Have fun.

Life is not about being serious at all time, especially when you are young.

You should spend a considerable amount of time enjoying life and having fun.

One way of doing this is attending events such as sports. You can also be part of events that are fun like running a marathon among others.

The idea is to ensure you have a balanced life in your youthful years.

  1. Expand perspectives

How can you expand your thinking as a youth?

If you were to ask me that question, I would tell you events are your best bet.

Attending events is a chance for you to listen to various points of views from different speakers.

Sometime, speakers at an event will share the podium to discuss the same topic in a panel discussion.

This allows you to expand your perspective as you gain knowledge from the panelist.

Having a wider view or look at things is important to you. it stops you from being narrow-minded.

You can broaden your perspectives by asking question and engaging other event attendees.

  1. Inspiration

You should attend an event to be inspired into action or changing your life.

Some of the speakers at events make great and inspiring presentations. It could be about life, career or personal growth.

As a youth, attending such events can have a significant influence on your life.

Some people have reported making huge steps in their lives after listening to speech or keynote presentation at an event.

Youth can greatly benefit from listening to experienced people at an event.

  1. Visit new places

Being invited to attend a conference, seminar or workshop is an opportunity to visit new places.

Sometimes the events are held in different towns or countries from where you live.

This means you will be travelling to a different place, meeting new people and interacting with a new culture.

If nothing else, this should be a good reason to make you attend an event as a youthful person.

  1. Experience

Taking actions to learn and improve your skills is one of the ways to gain experience.

While theory is important, getting involved in application of the theories is even better.

You should aim to attend events where people or companies are showcasing their products and services.

For example, attending an exhibition can greatly help you understand how things work in real life.

This is because companies set up demonstrations at such events.

If you would like to become an event planner, the experience of being at a real events can inspire you to start your business in events management.

  1. To be heard

Events provide the youth with an opportunity to present their views about certain issues.

Most advocacy youth groups attend events to make their case for or against certain topics.

If you are passionate about issues such as climate change or student finance, you can be a speaker at events related to such topics.

In this regard, attending the event would be a great chance for your voice to be heard by government or business leaders.

  1. Make or earn money

You should attend an event to make or earn money.

There are various ways to make money for the youth in today’s global economy.

Attending events can be an opportunity to learn and also generate some income.

You can work for an events planning business, and this have an opportunity to attend events while earning money.

  1. Independence

Young people crave for independence a lot. As a youthful person you want to be left alone to do things that you want.

Attending an event is an opportunity for you to practice your independence.

You travel by yourself; you manage your own schedule and are responsible when attending an event.

It is more critical when attending an event out of the country or far away from your parents or relatives.

You should be proactive in looking for opportunities to attend events so that you can enjoy some independence as a young person.


In conclusion, the benefits of attending an event as a youth or young person are many.

You can network, learn new things, meet potential employers and make money at the events.

Given that a young person is in the early day of his or her career, attending events helps to build relationships with peers.

What I have found is that the relationships person creates can very instrumental in business or professional growth.

As mentioned, events provides youth with an opportunity to travel and explore the world.

This will expand your knowledge, view of things and also allow you to accept the diversity in society.

I hope you have found this resource to be of value to you.

You should leverage your understanding of the youthful or young market if you run a business.