Why New Year Financial Plans Fail

It is important to understand why New Year financial plans fail. This will help you chart a successful financial path as you start your year.

When it comes to making New Year resolutions, studies show that financial plans are usually top of the list.

However, by the second or third month, such ideas are usually abandoned.

It is possible that you have set your financial resolutions for this year as well.

Unfortunately, over 80% of the New Year resolutions and financial plans fail by the end of quarter one.

If you want them to work for you, you must then avoid things that can stop you from following through with your financial plans in the New Year.

By the end of reading this resource, you will learn and understand the reasons why most New Year financial plans fail.


It is clear that financial planning is very important in your life.

It can help you avoid a personal financial crisis today and in the future.

As the New Year approaches or starts, it is critical that you set your financial goals. Have a well-laid out financial plan for the whole year.

However, you must be vigilant to avoid falling into the trap of abandoning your New Year financial plans by the second or third month.

You can easily achieve your financial goals this year by earning money, budgeting, saving for a rainy day and investing some into income-generating assets.

There are many reasons why New Year financial plans fail. I hope you will be able to avoid the pitfalls this year.