7 Key Purposes of Red Carpet at Celebrity Events

When you want to host or organize a glamorous event, one of the items you must have is a red carpet. It is a very popular element in prestigious formal events today. While it adds elegance to an event, you might wonder; what is the purpose of red carpet at events?

If you have ever wondered about the role of a red carpet at an event, you are not alone. A lot of people get confused about having or not having a red carpet at their event.

You are in luck today.

I have been hosting award gala events for the last ten years, and I use red carpets a lot. There is value in creating an experience for your guests.

While red carpet events are most associated with celebrities and fashion industry, it is not limited to only those sectors.

Today, you can find red carpet across a variety of event including weddings, birthdays, business awards and when companies are launching new products or services.

In this article, I will help you understand the purpose of red carpets at events.

By the end of this interaction, I hope to convince you to use a red carpet when you host your next event.

Purpose of Red Carpet at Events

As an event organizer, I have used red carpets in a variety of events. This is because a red carpet has role and a purpose in events.

The purpose of red carpet at events includes;

  1. Welcome guests.
  2. To set style and mood for an event.
  3. Create an elegant feel.
  4. Promotion and branding
  5. Create a path for dignitaries.
  6. Networking & taking photos.
  7. Showcase fashion

It is possible you have seen or attended a red carpet event. The most popular red carpet events are the Oscars, where popular artists walk the red carpet.

To many, these global award ceremonies are the epitome of what a red carpet event should look like.

However, you can deploy or use a red carpet at any of your events including wedding, graduation or a business gala dinner.

Why You Find Red Carpets at Events Today

When it comes to events today, having a red carpet is almost a necessity. You will find it in both social and corporate events.

There is a reason why event organizers love it. In fact, some clients also demand to have a red carpet at their events.

People usually have red carpet or décor at their events for various reasons. These include;

  1. Welcome guests.

A red carpet plays a big role in welcoming guests at an event. It is the first point of contact with your event and thus the beginning of an experience.

You kight also have seen red carpet being rolled out when dignitaries or leader visit each other.

It is a way to demonstrate respect and regard for your guests.

  1. To set style and mood for an event.

You can set the style and the mood of your event by using the red carpet in a smart way.

When you attend a red carpet event, you already have an idea of the quality of that event.

Many associate red carpet with good quality, high class and an awesome experience.

  1. Create an elegant feel.

If you would like to have or create an elegant feel at your event, you should ensure you have a red carpet.

There is some elegance that comes with walking on a red carpet.

  1. Promotion and branding.

In business events, having a red carpet is a form of promotion and branding.

Everything matters in branding and image is important.

When you hold your business event, you should ensure you use décor properly to market your brand.

  1. Create a path for dignitaries.

When presidents, business leaders and other dignitaries visit, you will always find a red carpet rolled out for them.

You can see it in hotel lobbies, airports or in business and leadership meetings.

In most cases, a red carpet creates a path that a dignitary is to follow.

  1. Networking & taking photos.

One of the ways in which you can grow your network and contacts at events is through networking.

Red carpets play a big and significant role in this.

If you are hosting an event, you should have red carpet at your networking areas.

A red carpet is also used by event organizers in sections for taking photos. Companies also erect their backdrop banners on a red carpet at events to ensure photo sessions are great.

  1. Showcase fashion

This is very common in big fashion events. In fact, some look forward to the events for the red carpet activities.

You might have seen or witnessed it at the Oscars. People are more interested at the red carpet interviews, fashion shows and the photography sessions.

Fashion brands and clothe retailers have learned the art of leveraging red carpet events to promote their products.


In conclusion, it is clear that a red carpet at an event create elegance and prestige. The purpose of a red carpet at events cannot be under-estimated.

If you are organizing or hosting an event, you should carefully consider whether to have a red carpet or not at the event.

From my experience, it is a good thing to have a red carpet at the event. However, you need to ensure that the theme of the event aligns with your décor.

As you have read above, red carpet has a purpose at the event where you deploy it. The idea is to enhance the appeal and aesthetics of your events.

If you do not know how to use a red carpet at an event, it would be prudent to hire the services of an event organizer. Alternatively, you can get a décor or carpet expert to help you with the set up.

Today, red carpets are used not only to welcome guests at events, but are often used as a stage, or backdrop, and to set the mood or style of the entire event.

For example, red carpets have been used extensively for award events, fashion shows, pageants, marriages, anniversaries, and other cultural celebrations.

I do hope that you now understand the role of red carpets at social or business events.