17 Ideas on How to Promote Your Business Award

It is critical that you learn how to promote your business award if you are to leverage the power of awards today.

It feels great to win a business award.  There are many benefits you get from a business award.

You will not achieve much with your award if you do not promote it.

This would include promoting your award nominations, and then the award when you win it.

As a business leader or a marketer within an organization, you should invest time in understanding how to promote business awards.

When done well, your efforts are going to increase brand visibility and generate business leads.

In this article, you are going to learn idea, tips and strategies you can use to promote your business awards.

This is a guide on how you can market or promote business awards so that more people can know about your achievements.

How to Promote Business Awards

Winning a business award has a lot of benefits. However, you need to find ways to let others and the market know about your award.

This is how you can promote your business awards today;

  1. Use social media
  2. Email marketing
  3. Advertise
  4. Press releases
  5. Blog marketing
  6. Create videos
  7. Website banners
  8. Add it to your marketing collateral
  9. Leverage your employees
  10. Signage
  11. Word of mouth
  12. Use influencers
  13. Host a client event
  14. Display award in your office
  15. Vehicle branding
  16. Media interviews
  17. Local listings

Have a clear promotion strategy for your business awards will help your company, products or services.

17 Ideas, Tips and Strategies to Promote Business Awards

Business awards play a significant role in every industry. They motivate employees and increase brand visibility in the market.

That is why you should promote your business award. Let the market, competitors and customers know that you have won a business award.

While it might sound easy, it is not and you should follow these ideas, tips or strategies to promote your business award;

  1. Use social media

One of the ways to promote your business award is using social media.

Social media platforms can be very powerful tools in your marketing and promoting plan.

Learn how to use social media to promote awards on Facebook. Twitter, Instagram and TikTok among others.

  1. Email marketing

While some might think email marketing is dead, statistics show that email marketing is very popular.

You should use your business email to let your customer know that you have won a business award.

To promote the award, include the awards logo on your official email signature.

It is a way to ensure you are always promoting the business award each time you send out an email.

  1. Advertise

You probably have seen this on your local daily newspaper, TV stations or heard it on radio.

Companies buy advertising space to promote their awards. They announce and let you know that they won a certain business award.

Invest some of your marketing budget to promote your award through advertising. You should invest in digital advertising.

  1. Press releases

When I was in school studying communication, I was taught the role press releases.

In business, you can achieve a lot by leveraging the power of press releases.

One of the ways you can promote business awards is by sending out a press release to media houses.

When done well, this can create a great of publicity for your brand or business.

  1. Blog marketing

Blogging has gotten a bad rap over the years. However, this comes from people who do not know how to blog.

It is important to find ways to promote business awards by leveraging the power of blog marketing.

You can do this using your company’s blog, or other people’s blogs.

The work will involve creating and publishing articles to showcase the business awards you have won.

  1. Create videos

Video marketing is increasingly becoming the preferred option by many brands to promote products or services.

This is informed by the trends where the audience are consuming more video content.

As you embark on promoting your business awards, you should incorporate videos into your plan.

Create and share videos across the main platforms, including on social media.

  1. Website banners

Every business should have a website, or at least a landing page.

This is the digital real estate you can use to promote your business award.

You do this by creating banners of your business award, in different sizes, and putting them on your business official website.

This is a smart way to promote and publicize your award.

  1. Add it to your marketing collateral

Another way to promote your business award is to include or add it to your marketing collateral.

This includes things like brochures, posters, note books, corporate t-shirts and calendars among others.

You will promote and create positive awareness about your business.

  1. Leverage your employees

Your employees are the most important asset in your business.

When it comes to promoting your business, no one else can do a better job than your employees.

In this regard, you should include them in your efforts to promote the achievements of your business.

This includes sharing the good news about business awards your organization has won.

  1. Signage

You can use signage to promote business awards.

These are important to businesses because they allow you to market and advertise your awards to the public.

Signages are part of your marketing collateral and help you build your brand in the market.

You should not ignore signage when thinking of ways to promote the business awards your company has won at industry award events.

  1. Word of mouth

Word of mouth still remains a key and important part of how we communicate today.

In fact, it is a very trustworthy form of communication.

This is true if the information you are getting is coming from a reliable and trustworthy person.

You can tap into this by sharing about your business award whenever you meet other people.

  1. Use influencers

If you have been keen to observe, you will notice that influencer marketing is on the rise today.

This is where you leverage the power and audience of social media influencers to promote your products or services.

When it comes to business awards, you can hire or partner with influencers to promote your company.

They will share your story and the business awards you have won with their audience.

  1. Host a client event

Client events are a good ways to tell existing and potential clients about your wins.

This is a moment for you to share the awards you have scooped in your sector.

Hosting client events is one of the ways you can promote business awards that your company won.

  1. Display award in your office

I know you have seen this in offices.

You walk into an office and the first thing you see is an array of awards in display in a magnificent office cabinet.

This is a way to promote your business awards and let your visitors know that you have achieved something significant.

  1. Vehicle branding

Another innovative way to promote business awards is by way of vehicle branding.

You can include the awards logo in your company vehicles.

It is important to find out from local authorities if there are fees to be paid for this.

When you consider the number of people who might see the branding, it is worth including your business award as part of your vehicle branding.

  1. Media interviews

Business leaders and executives are notorious for this.

They like attending media interviews to talk about their products and services.

In the process, you will hear them talk about or promote business awards their company has won.

As you can see, this is a smart communication strategy.

  1. Local listings

When seeking to learn how to promote business awards, local business listing will always be part of the conversation.

Local listings of business awards can help your company inform customers that you have won an industry award.

It is also a way to make it easy for local customers to celebrate your achievements.

When your business is included in local listings, it becomes a way to get more local customers.


In conclusion, business awards are important in shining the spotlight on your brand.

They increase brand awareness. Also, they promote your products or services.

If you have been nominated or have won an award, you should make sure more people know about that achievement.

There are very many benefits of winning awards, and you should take advantage of this moment to promote your business.

You can leverage the award to make more money, build your credibility and also generate qualified leads for your business.

Also, in today’s social proof arena, awards can give a sizeable endorsement for your business and generate inquiries.

The key to gaining a good result from the business investment involved is to be very clear what you want to gain in pursuing a specific award.

If the potential cannot be ignored, then devise a careful plan to make the most of every opportunity that event gives you. Also allow your team sufficient time to create an award entry.

I hope this resource has been of value to you.

This guide is aimed at helping you get the most out of a business award. It has tips, ideas and strategies that can help you learn how to promote business awards today.