19 Ways on How to Attract Exhibitors to Your Event

When creating an event, it is very important to think of the role exhibitors will play. This means you should learn or understand how to attract exhibitors to an event. You can accrue major benefits by having them at your event.

As an event planner, I have had the opportunity to work with exhibitors at a number of my events and conferences.

Getting exhibitors to your event is not easy. It requires a great deal of planning, good communication and ability to convince companies or brands to exhibit at your event.

If you are interested in having exhibitors at your event, then you should invest time and resources in learning how to attract exhibitors to an event. This includes when hosting virtual exhibitions.

There are many benefits of having exhibitors at your event. You will increase the value of your event, and also earn income from charging exhibition fees.

If you are struggling to get or attract exhibitors to your event, you have come to the right place.

My objective today is to help you understand how to attract exhibitors to an event.

This guide is aimed at sharing the approaches and strategies you should use to create a win-win situation with potential exhibitors.

How to Attract Exhibitors to an Event

While getting brands or businesses to exhibit at your event can be tough, there are ways on how to reach out to them.

It is important to learn how to attract exhibitors to an event.

Here are some of the ideas, tips and strategies you can use;

  1. Provide value
  2. Competitive pricing
  3. Build an audience
  4. Create an experience
  5. Leverage event management software
  6. Create an event website
  7. Crete booths
  8. Facilitate connections
  9. Use big data analytics
  10. Promote or market your event
  11. Secure event sponsors
  12. Pick a great event location
  13. Talk to potential exhibitors
  14. Efficient sales process
  15. Send proposals
  16. Use testimonials of past events
  17. Demonstrate business value
  18. Offer discounts and incentives
  19. Research and start early

There are many reasons and benefits why people attend exhibition events. It is the reason event planners work hard to attract exhibitors.

How do you invite an exhibitor to an event?

Let me provide you with ways you can be effective at attracting exhibitors at your event.

19 Ways on How to Get Exhibitors to Your Event

Event marketing is a power tool in driving business growth. This includes conferences and exhibition events.

If you are wondering how to attract top notch exhibitors to your event or trade show, you should consider the following ideas, tips and strategies;

  1. Provide value

The best way to get an exhibitor to your event is by creating value.

You should create a proposition that provides value to your potential exhibitors.

  1. Competitive pricing

You can attract exhibitors to an event by offering a competitive pricing package.

How much you charge for a exhibition booth at your event determines whether businesses sign-up or not.

This applies to in-person as well as virtual exhibition events.

  1. Build an audience

The process of hosting an exhibition event starts early.

You should start by creating or building an audience of people interested in what you cover.

It is possible to do this by applying content marketing tools like blogging, YouTube and social media among other platforms.

  1. Create an experience

An exhibition event should be an experience that wos attendees and exhibitors.

The idea is to produce an event that create value for audience and generates business for the exhibitors.

You can create ways to turn your exhibition event into a great experience.

  1. Leverage event management software

One of the ways in which you can win exhibitors is by leveraging event management software.

Event management software can help you to manage potential exhibitors.

You will be able to handle registration, exhibition booth allocation and payment processing.

  1. Create an event website

The use of the internet has been in the rise over the last few years.

If you are interested in attracting exhibitors to your event, you should have a website or at least a landing page.

  1. Create booths

One of the common features at exhibition events are the booths.

These are the places where brands or companies showcase their products or services.

You can offer to help your potential exhibitors with designing, creating and building up the exhibition booth.

This can be part of the services you provide at a fee.

Many businesses and marketing leaders will appreciate this service.

  1. Facilitate connections

There are many reasons why people attend events. One of the top reason is the ability to meet new people and create networks.

To attract exhibitors to your event, you should offer to facilitate connections.

In your package, provide value by introduction brands to each other. You can connect business leaders who can then go ahead to do business together.

When the word goes around that you are good at linking people up, your event will be attractive to exhibitors.

  1. Use big data analytics

In today’s world, data and analytics are playing a big role in the events business.

As an exhibition event planner, you should invest in collecting and analysing data.

There are platforms that can help you capture data about your market and audience.

Use of big data analytics can help you to attract exhibitors to your event.

You can share the insights and reports with them on how they will benefits by participating at the event.

  1. Promote or market your event

Marketing your event is one of the ways to attract brands or business to buy exhibition slots.

This means you should invest in marketing and a promotion plan.

Create a strategy to promote your exhibition event on various platforms.

Do not forget to leverage or use social media to promote your event.

  1. Secure event sponsors

I have found out that having event sponsors or partners can really help you in attracting exhibitors to your event.

Sponsors increase your exhibition event’s credibility in the market.

When potential exhibitors see other brands and business as your sponsors, it shows your event is important.

If you ask me, you should get sponsors before you start reaching out to your target exhibitors.

One more thing, your sponsors could actually be part of your exhibitors.

  1. Pick a great event location

The choice of venue or location for your event determines a lot of things.

It is a factor on whether you will be able to attract exhibitors to an event.

You should research on the best location to host an exhibition event before starting your outreach efforts.

By the time you are talking to potential exhibitors, your venue should be able to help you attract more exhibitors.

  1. Talk to potential exhibitors

One of the things I do when hosting an exhibition event is listing all the potential companies I would like to attend the event.

I will then reach out to each of them and pitch the exhibition event.

This could be through a phone call, email and leveraging online meeting platforms like zoom.

You should ensure you are speaking with the right person within the organization you are targeting.

  1. Efficient sales process

To attract exhibitors to your event, you should have an efficient sales process.

Part of this process should be the ability for someone to book and pay for a booth online without hitches.

It is common to find events where it is difficult to secure a slot at the venue.

A smooth operation gives a very good first impression to potential customers who want to showcase at your event.

  1. Send proposals

While talking to potential exhibitors is okay, you should send them formal proposals.

This shows that your event is serious.

You should include more details about the event, including your partners and sponsors.

The idea is to use the proposal to build credibility and entice the potential client to book an exhibition booth.

  1. Use testimonials of past events

There is nothing more powerful to attract exhibitors to your event than testimonials from past exhibitors.

It is a powerful way to show that others have gotten a positive return on their investment at your events.

Past exhibitors are your best marketing ambassadors. You should ensure you leverage them to secure more business.

  1. Demonstrate business value

Every exhibitor is looking for more value to their business. You should ensure your event aligns to their objective.

To attract exhibitor to an event, you should clearly show the potential return on investment.

How are they going to gain from being part of your exhibition event?

Provide them with your research on the kind of people who will attend the event.

Include their purchasing power and potential to generate more leads.

This will help you to get businesses sign up to showcase their products or services as exhibitors.

  1. Offer discounts and incentives

You can attract exhibitors to your event by offering discounts and other incentives.

The idea is to entice potential exhibitors.

You can do this through price discounting and other things. The goal is to offer these things without making a loss.

  1. Research and start early

Your ability to attract and secure quality exhibitors at your event starts with research.

It is important that you undertake market research before hosting your event.

This will help to determine a number of things include the market value, attendees demographics and purchasing power among others.


In conclusion, exhibitors provide an opportunity for event planners to create a better experience for the audience.

At the same time, it is a good source of extra income from the event. This works when you charge exhibition fees, adding into the event’s revenue streams.

While it might sound easy on paper, attracting exhibitors to an event is hard work.

You will spend hours find potential exhibitors, engaging them, making proposals and pitching your event to them.

It also involves negotiating the exchange of value, and showcasing the benefits of your event to an exhibitor’s brand or business.

This guide has provided you with a step-by-step process of how to attract exhibitors to an event.

I hope you have found this resource helpful and of value to you.