How Much Do Professional Golf Caddies Make

When it comes to professional golf, one of the key people is the caddy. He or she can make or break a round of golf for the professional player. That is why caddies should be paid well for the work they do. The question is; how much do professional golf caddies make?

I have been wondering about this over the last couple of months. This is after watching a repeat of some of the best golf tours in the world.

You will see them, accompanying the top professional golfers everywhere. They will walk on some of the finest golf courses in the world.

But how much do professional golf caddies make? This is what this article is all about.

I have done research for you, to help you learn and understand how much caddies make. It is also a resource that will provide insights in to some of the highest paid professional caddies in the world.

For sure, very few caddies will have the opportunity to carry the bag of top PGA pro.

However, being a professional caddy comes with many benefits, including monetary ones.


In conclusion, being a professional golf caddy is not easy. The money you make from playing this role is actually earn working.

A lot of professional golfers today consider their caddy as an important part of their career.

They provide expert advice on the club to use. A caddy also shares knowledge of courses around the world with the pro golfer.

In some cases, they also provide emotional support or friendship when needed.

Professional caddies on the PGA tour make between $1000 and $2000 per week. They also make a bonus of between five and ten per cent of their player’s winning.

This shows that professional golfer makes a lot of money. Being a golf caddy is a career choice you can make.

However, you will need to understand what it takes to become a professional golfer.