5 Reasons Why Athletes Deserve to Earn Millions

In recent years, the salaries that professional athletes are earning have exploded to highly unprecedented levels. Big contracts in sports such as NBA and NFL have been signed. The amount of money runs into millions of dollars. It is therefore not a wonder that some are wondering; do professional athletes deserve to earn multi-million dollar salaries?

Earning money from your sporting activities is a good thing. It is the desire of every athlete, to generate income and create wealth.

Sports are one of the biggest sectors in our economy, and you can make a lot of money from this industry.

To do this, you should take it seriously, and work towards being a professional athlete.

You are going to attract good deals and salaries when you improve your performance to the level of a professional.

The question of whether professional athletes deserve to earn multi-million salaries has sparked debate in various sports.

For example, Stephen Curry is one of the highest paid NBA players, with an estimated salary of more than $40 million an year.

In the NFL, the Kansa City Chief signed a 10-year $503 million contract with their quarterback, Patrick Mahomes.

This shows you that professional athletes are earning very high salaries. Do you think they deserve such multi-million dollar contracts and salaries?

Professional Athletes Multi-Million Dollar Salaries

Athletes are earning a lot of money today. However, you should remember that not all athletes get that much money.

So, do professional athletes deserve to earn multi-million dollar salaries? The answer to this question depends on who you ask.

In my personal opinion, I think that professional athletes should be paid as much as the market is willing to pay them for the value they create.

Think of the value people like Tiger Woods, Lewis Hamilton, Serena and Venus Williams bring to their respective sports. It is huge and they deserve the compensation they get from their skills or expertise.

We have whole industries that have emerged from some of the highest paid professional athletes like Jordan in basketball.

5 Reasons Why Athletes Deserve to Earn Millions

In today’s world, sports are a big business. It generates huge revenues for the owners, promoters and the professional athletes.

You might be wondering; do professional athletes deserve to earn multi-million dollar salaries?

There are reasons why athletes deserve to earn the millions. In this section, I will share with you five reasons;

  1. Create value in sports.
  2. Brand ambassadors.
  3. Generate business for teams.
  4. Bring sponsorship to sport.
  5. Return on their investment.

I am sure that you have a favorite athlete, and that you enjoy what they do. Some athletes run their professional careers like a business and it is important to understand how a business would generate revenues and profit.

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They create entertainment value for you, and for that they deserve to earn a good salary.


As I conclude, it is good to note that while a few tops professional athletes get paid huge salaries, it does not happen to all athletes.

A lot of work still needs to be done to improve the incomes or salaries of professional athletes across board.

Some have also argued that the kinds of salaries that professional players or athletes earn are not deserved.

I personally do not agree with this point of view. The salaries athletes earn is based on the value that they provide to the market.

It is clear that the market places high value on the professional athlete. That is how they get and deserve the high salaries they get from their professional activities.

Forces of demand and supply in the market play a significant role in setting the multi-million salaries of professional athletes.