Which Venue is the British Grand Prix Held

which venue is the british grand prix held

Travelling to United Kingdom to watch and experience formula one racing should be on everyone’s bucket list. At least it is on mine. But which venue is the British Grand Prix held?

F1 racing has a long history in the United Kingdom. It is one of the iconic races on the formula one calendar today.

As the fans, drivers and teams troop to UK for the race, it is important that you understand where the British Grand Prix is held.

If this is your first time attending the race, you will find this resource very helpful.

This is your guide to venues that have hosted and continue to host formula one race in United Kingdom

Which Venue is the British Grand Prix Held?

One of the common F1 questions you might wonder about is; where is the grand prix currently held in the UK?

The British Grand Prix is currently held at the 5.891-kilometre Silverstone Circuit, located near the village of Silverstone, Northamptonshire in England

In 2022, the British Grand Prix will take place over 52 laps at the Silverstone circuit.

The venue of the British GP is important to the local economy, as it make or generates money, creates jobs and it is a source of pride for the region.

Understanding Silverstone Circuit in Britain

If you have been wondering; which venue is the British Grand Prix held, then this resource will provide you details about F1 racing in the UK.

As you have seen, the British Grand Prix is held at the Silverstone track.

This is a motor racing circuit located near the Northamptonshire villages of Towcester, Silverstone and Whittlebury.

Silverstone first hosted an F1 race in 1948.

To enjoy the track as a fan, it would be important to understand the track.

Knowing the various places you can watch the race from is critical to your experience.

Silverstone circuit has some interesting grandstands for fans. As you buy your ticket, you should choose your favorite spot to watch the race.

11 Best Grandstands at the Silverstone Circuit

Attending a formula one race is always exciting. The choice of where you sit can increase your experience on the track.

At the British Grand Prix, you can choose any of the following grandstands;

  1. Hamilton Straight
  2. Club Corner
  3. Becketts
  4. Abbey
  5. Luffield
  6. Woodcote A & B
  7. Village A & B
  8. National Pits Straight
  9. Copse A, B & C
  10. Vale
  11. Stowe A, B & C

It is important to note that all the grandstands at Silverstone provide big screens for viewing.

The more expensive grandstands are covered. You pay higher ticket prices to access these grandstand.

For the first two days of the event, all grandstand tickets are ‘roving’. This means you are free to check out the views from other grandstands

However, you cannot access Club Silverstone unless you have bought the ticket.

Be aware that the most popular grandstands do fill up, especially on Saturday.

On Sunday, you will need to sit in your allocated seat.

Silverstone Corner Names

One of the most interesting things about Silverstone track are the names of the corners.

The corners at Silverstone circuit are named as follows;

  • Abbey and Luffield – the remains of Luffield Abbey were discovered about 200 metres from Stowe Corner.
  • Becketts and Chapel Curve – the ruins of the Chapel of Thomas Becket are found close to this corner.
  • Stowe Corner – The corner is named as such because Stowe School is less than two miles south of the circuit.
  • Maggotts – this refer to the local landmark, Maggotts Moor field, which is next to the circuit.
  • Copse – a small wood that used to sit adjacent to the corner.
  • Club Corner – in honour of RAC Club, Pall Mall
  • Woodcote – in honour of the country club at Woodcote Park in Surrey
  • Hangar Straight – two aircraft hangers originally lined the circuit.
  • Village – commemorates Silverstone village.
  • Ireland – named after Innes Ireland who was a grand prix driver. He was also the president of BRDC between 1993 and 1993.
  • Wellington Straight – this is because Vickers Wellington bombers were based at RAF Silverstone.
  • Brooklands – it refers to the circuit at Weybridge, Surrey. Brooklands is one of the F1 tracks you find in the UK.
  • The Loop – this refers to the shape of this corner.

Which is the Hamilton Straight at Silverstone?

The International Pit Straight was renamed to Hamilton Straight in honour of the world champion.

British F1 driver Sir Lewis Hamilton was honoured by the owners of the Silverstone circuit in 2021. This was ahead of the season-ending grand prix in Abu Dhabi.

At Silverstone, Hamilton has won the British Grand Prix a record seven times.

The renaming of the pit straight is a first one, as no other time has part of the circuit been named after an individual.

“Lewis has become a huge part of this history and the directors of the Club and I felt there was no better way to mark this than to rename the iconic pits straight in recognition of his record-breaking achievements.” – David Coulthard

Is Silverstone a Good Circuit?

There are a number of things that make Silverstone a special track to F1 teams, drivers and fans.

When it comes to racing in the UK, all the drivers love Silverstone.

This is a track where formula one cars truly come to life. It will be interesting to watch how the new 2022 F1 cars will handle the circuit.

Will the 2022 F1 cars be faster at Silverstone?

Alex Albon is quoted saying he likes the track because, “It is quick, flowing and everything a driver really likes”.

Silverstone track has very challenging corners, and high speed areas. This makes it possible to use the downforce of the F1 car.

As you learn how good this track is, another question might come up; is Silverstone a difficult track?

This depends on who you ask.

However, some of the corners like the Maggotts and Becketts makes Silverstone very challenging to the F1 drivers.

Most Formula fans and professionals are aware of the enormous difficulties of this track.

The technical turn combo in racing is one thing that makes the track in Silverstone so notoriously challenging.

British Formula One Drivers

While Silverstone track is home to the British Grand Prix, it is important to mention F1 drivers from the UK.

These are the formula one drivers who consider Silverstone their home race.

Fans come out in large numbers to support and cheer them.

The most popular British F1 driver is Sir Lewis Hamilton. The 7-time world champion has part of the Silverstone Circuit named after him.

You will be able to watch him drive on the Hamilton Straight this year.

Other F1 drivers on the grid today include George Russell and Lando Norris.

F1 Grand Prix Venues in United Kingdom

If you are new to formula one, you might only know of Silverstone circuit as the venue for British Grand Prix.

However, this has not always been the case.

There are other venues that have hosted formula one race in the United Kingdom.

Formula 1 in the UK has been hosted in the following tracks or circuits;

  1. Brooklands
  2. Silverstone
  3. Aintree
  4. Brands Hatch
  5. Donington Park

The above tracks have played host to some exciting formula one racing actions.

Racing Tracks in United Kingdom

While the British Grand Prix is currently held at the Silverstone circuit, other tracks have hosted this race over the last couple of decades.

I would like to share with you the motor racing tracks that are in United Kingdom.

  1. Brooklands

This was the first circuit or track to host a formula one race in United Kingdom.

If you go back in time, you will learn that the 1926 and the 1927 races were held here at Brooklands.

  1. Silverstone

I believe that you know Silverstone as the current venue for the British Grand Prix.

However, you should know that Silverstone first hosted an F1 race in 1948.

Since 1987, formula one racing in UK has been held at this track. The most recent race at Silverstone is the British Grand Prix in 2022.

  1. Aintree

Aintree was built in 1954, and has hosted a total of five British Grand Prix races.

This took place in 1955, 1957, 1959, 1961 and 1962.

It is interesting that since then, Aintree has not seen any activity related to formula one.

  1. Brands Hatch

Brands Hatch is a motor racing circuit that was opened in 1950. It is located in West Kingsdown, Kent, in United Kingdom.

This track has hosted 12 British Grand Prix races between 1964 and 1986.

It is also important to note that Brands Hatch hosted the European Grand Prix in 1983 and 1985.

At the moment, the circuit host several British and international racing events.

  1. Donington Park

This track in United Kingdom has only hosted one race, and that is the epic 1993 F1 race.

If you have been a fan of F1 for a while, you know why the 1993 European Grand Prix race at Donington Park was big.

But if you are new to F1, this was the race that the legendary Aryton Senna won. Quite frankly, it is considered to be one of his finest races in his career.


In conclusion, British Grand Prix is currently being held at the Silverstone circuit in the UK.

This is a venue that has always produced great formula one racing experiences.

You might remember the Hamilton vs Verstappen accident in 2021 at Silverstone.

That is the most recent highlight of F1 racing at Silverstone. However, more is expected in upcoming races at the track.

As you plan to attend the F1 race at Silverstone, I hope this information has provided you with basic knowledge about the venue for the British Grand Prix.

The British Grand Prix promises to be an exciting race.

Let us hope it will live up to the hype as Red Bull, Ferrari and Mercedes fight for top positions.