What Are Some Awards to Put on Your Resume

It is always exciting to receive an award and recognition within your industry. As a professional or business leader, it is important to leverage on these awards. You can do that to advance your career or business interests. However, you might wonder; what are some awards to put on your resume?

If you are making an application for a job or a business opportunity, you should put some of the awards you have won on your resume.

While not all awards or trophies should be mentioned on your resume, there are some awards that should feature prominently.

This is because they are going to add value to your application. It is good for other to see that you have been recognized and have won awards in the past.

In this regard, winning an award should be on top of your priorities in your sector. You will not reap the benefits of winning an award by mentioning or listing in on your resume.

This resource, I am sharing with you a list of some awards to put on your resume, and the value they bring to your professional or business career.

What are Some Awards to Put on Your Resume?

Here is a list of common awards to include on a resume. Remember, the accomplishments you include should remain relevant to your current career goals.

  1. Academic or Athletic Awards.
  2. Professional Awards.
  3. Industry Business Awards.
  4. Best Performer Awards.
  5. Awards of Excellence.
  6. Employee Awards.
  7. Community or Civic Awards.

Awards are mainly used to recognize and celebrate your achievements. This means others appreciate the work or value you are creating.

You should showcase your award to potential employers and those you share your CV with. That is why the above awards are some that you should put on your resume.

7 Awards to Put on Your Resume for Success

Here are the seven top awards you should consider putting on your resume today;

  1. Academic or Athletic Awards.

Some of the awards that are important to a career are academic achievements.

When applying for a job or promotion, you will mostly be asked to demonstrate your academic results. To add to your resume, having some of the awards will be of great benefit.

You can also include your athletic awards, or awards showing your extra-curricular activities.

This would show that you are an all-rounded person.

  1. Professional Awards.

Another set of award to put on your resume are the professional awards.

These are awards that you have received in your professional assignment. You should proudly share about them.

  1. Industry Business Awards.

As a professional, your industry might have awards that are used to celebrate and recognize great performances.

For example, I have read about marketing awards, financial services awards and advertising awards among others.

Professionals who work in these industry get celebrated at their industry’s annual awards dinner.

If you have received any of such awards, you should put it on your resume and highlight the achievements.

  1. Best Performer Awards.

This is a performance-based award, given to you as a result of being the best performer in your line of work.

This could be in sales, marketing, lead generation or serving clients.

You should highlight and put this award on your resume. It is important to let people know that you perform your duties with excellence.

  1. Awards of Excellence.

Awards of excellence are about showcasing and celebrating excellence in a particular field or industry.

It is possible that you have been awarded or recognized for your outstanding excellence in your line of duty.

In this regard, you should put your excellence award in your resume. It will go a long way in positioning you well when seeking your next job or promotion.

  1. Employee Awards.

Companies or business have employee awards, meant to appreciate the staff members who do well.

You be a winner of an employee award in your organization.

It would be of value to include such achievements in your resume. This would showcase to your potential employer that you can deliver results.

  1. Community or Civic Awards.

In your day to day life, you spend time within a community. You have neighbours in your estate, or your city.

When you participate in community activities, you might find that you have won an award for your contribution.

For example, you might have won the award for being helpful, planting trees and for being top during the community cleaning day.

It is also possible to receive a community award for your volunteer work.

These are good to put on your resume, and leverage them to build or position yourself as a team player. It also shows you are a good citizen within your community.

Importance of Awards to Your Career

Awards are important to your career. Getting recognition or reward in for your outstanding achievements should be of value to your career.

That is why you should put some of the awards you have won or been given on your resume.

It will help to boost your confidence, increase your network and raise your visibility in your industry.

Having your awards on your resume will make it stand out, especially if aligned to the role or job you are seeking.

Therefore, you should be strategic with the awards you put on your resume, to grab attention and also your impact.


In conclusion, you probably have received various awards over the course of your career or business life.

Winning awards and having accomplishments on your resume is an important aspect of showcasing your abilities.

It is good to demonstrate to others that you are a winner.

Naturally, people like or gravitate towards someone who wins. Therefore, including some awards on your resume is a smart move when applying for a job or promotion.

In business, an entrepreneur who has won awards gets positive visibility in the market. He or she can also easily access financing from investors or financiers.

The above list has provided you with guidance on some awards to put on your resume. When done well, you will stand out and impress potential employees or partners.

Having awards on your resume can help demonstrate your soft skills like teamwork, creativity and problem-solving abilities.

Therefore, ensure you compile a list of all the awards you have won in the past. Once compiled, then decide the ones to put in your resume for your next application.