Will F1 Cars Be Faster in 2022

In formula one, new regulations have come into effect in 2022. Cars look different and the rules were aimed at achieving a number of objectives. While that is great, will F1 cars be faster in 2022?

F1 racing is known for having some of the fastest cars in motor racing.

It is part of the thrill of formula one. fans love and enjoy it when drivers are fighting for positions on track.

Speed of the formula one cars play a big role in qualifying too.

While new regulations are welcome, one cannot but wonder; will f1 cars be faster in 2022 and beyond?

If you are like me, it is possible you are also wondering about the same.

You have been sued to pretty faster cars over the last few seasons.

The new cars are heavier than their 2021 predecessors. Will this affect how fast the f1 cars are going to be in 2022?

Will F1 Cars Be Faster With New Regulations

Following the introduction of new regulations, it is important to understand the speeds of F1 cars.

Over the years, formula one cars have produced faster lap times.

Therefore, it is fair to compare F1 past speeds with the 2022 formula one car’s speed.

Having a look at the lap times will give you an idea as to whether the cars are faster with new regulations or not.

From pre-season testing in Barcelona and Bahrain, it is clear that the new cars have speed.

Hamilton’s lap time in Barcelona was 1:19.138s with Max Verstappen setting the fastest time in Bahrain testing at 1:31.720s

This shows that new F1 cars are equally fast. However, this was during pre-season testing.

I would expect that over the season, the cars will go faster. They might even go faster than the 2021 F1 cars.

Time will tell.

Who Will Be Faster in 2022 F1 Season?

This is an interesting question to ask, especially at the begging of a season.

As you already know, besides pre-season testing and initial races, there is not much to work with.

Teams are still learning, upgrading and improving their 2022 package.

In this regard, I feel that what you are currently seeing might not be the full picture of who is faster or fastest in 2022.

However, there are indications of team’s performance. This is based on pre-season testing.

Also, you have seen the performance of the cars in Bahrain and Saudi Arabia.

So, who will be faster in 2022?

Here are the fastest three F1 teams in 2022 so far;

  1. Red Bull
  2. Ferrari
  3. Mercedes

While it is still early, I think by the summer break, you will have clarity of the fastest F1 team this season.


In theory, the F1 cars should be faster in 2022 and beyond.

The new regulations provide a new way of generating downforce.

Some people in the industry believe that this change will make the formula one car a lot faster.

The first idea of f1 cars speed in 2022 came during the pre-season testing in Barcelona and Bahrain.

By the end of testing in Barcelona, Mercedes had managed to hit the time of 1:19.138s

Red Bull topped the timesheets in Bahrain with a time of 1:31.720s

According to some, this was not expected. The cars in 2022 were expected to be a bit slower and sluggish.

Over the course of the season in 2022, it will become clearer if formula one cars are faster or slow.