Why Working from Home is Good for Business (11 Top Reasons)

why working from home is good for business

Being an entrepreneur or business leader is a challenging thing. It is harder in an environment of constant change. With global lock downs and movement restrictions, you might be working from home. In this article, I am going to look into reasons why working from home is good for business.

Some of the top benefits of remote working include increased wellness, efficiency in your daily business operations and possibility of increased business revenue.

I am working from home, running my business from a home office set up I created a few years ago.

This has provided me with an opportunity to create and provide value to my clients. It is a system that has also provided me with an opportunity to spend more time with my family.

I am sure you feel the same. You might have noticed a few advantages that you are getting running your business from home.

11 Reasons Why Working from Home is Good for Business

As I have mentioned, I do think working from home is good for your business. Here are the nine reasons;

  1. Efficient communication.
  2. Increased productivity.
  3. Saves your business money.
  4. Strong work-life balance
  5. Expanded talent pool/diversity
  6. Less time on traffic
  7. Location independence.
  8. Customizable working environment.
  9. It is easier to work from home.
  10. Makes your employees happier.
  11. You improve your processes

I will now discuss these reasons why working from home is good for your business or enterprise.

  1. Efficient Communication

Thanks to project management solutions, you can now be able to have efficient communications with your employees or team.

You are going to be in touch with everyone, and this means the entire team can be on the same page.

There are tools and platforms that are going to facilitate your engagement within your business.

  1. Increased productivity

Studies show remote workers workers are 20% to 25% more productive than their counterparts who work in the offices.

When working from home, your team or employees feel happier. They also have more opportunities to have breaks without feeling the pressure of their colleagues judging them.

One can take a nap if they plan for it. You can take a midday walk or even go to the gym.

This flexibility allows someone to be productive, and thus increases the general productivity for your business.

  1. Saves Your Business Money

I recently had a conversation with two business leaders and entrepreneurs about how working from home is affecting their business.

To both of them, the biggest impact they have seen is in the reduction of operational expenses. Working from home is saving their businesses money.

It is possible you have seen a similar trend in your organization.

Working from home means that you do not need the huge office spaces you are renting. You also do not need to spend money of office expenses like stationery, water, electricity and office snacks among others.

Ability to build a remote office culture will help you reduce your expense and improve your bottom line.

For example, your team can interact virtually at a fraction of cost.

  1. Strong Work Life Balance

Working from home is good for business because it is facilitating a strong work and life balance.

If you have been commuting to your office, you might have realized how difficult it is to manage your professional and personal life.

Between time spent on traffic to and from work, to time spent with your family at home, there were never enough hours in a day to add other things like hobbies and fun things.

Working from home is providing people with an opportunity to have a strong work and life balance.

You can create your own schedule that allows for time to do other things that you love besides work.

It is possible to wake up early to work, share breakfast with your kids, drop them to school, continue working, go to the gym over lunch hour, work some more and have family dinner. All this in a single day.

Telecommuting is allowing you to customize your working environment

  1. Expanded Talent Pool

This is one of the greatest advantages of working from home for a business. You are not limited to hiring local talent.

It is possible to now secure the skills and expertise of any person from any corner of the globe.

This means that a business can get the best talent, without being limited to local pool of talent.

In this regard, a business can be able to create more value by providing better quality products or services.

  1. Less time on traffic

I do not know about your city, but mine has a lot of traffic. It is worse in the mornings and evening.

The reason am enjoying working from home, it is because I am now spending zero time on traffic.

You might be experiencing the same thing.

Working from home is going to save you time. The time you save can be used to create an additional revenue stream for yourself.

  1. Location Independence.

One of the greatest desires you might have is the ability to have freedom. This can be financial freedom or freedom to do what you want, when you want to.

Working from home allows you to work from any where in the world. The only thing you need is your laptop and possibly internet connection.

  1. Customizable Working Environment.

Being able to work from your house gives you an opportunity to customize your working environment.

The reason why this is good for business is because you create a working desk that works for you.

Incorporating your personality into your working location is going to make you feel better, and thus perform better.

  1. It is easier to Work from Home

In today’s world, it is very easy to work from home. The idea for remote working has become very popular.

You can leverage technology to create value and serve your customers from the comfort of your house.

  1. Makes your employees happier.

Your employees are your number one asset.

There are a lot of benefits that come with working from home.

One of those benefits is that your employees are able to spend more time with their families. Having a better work-life balance makes your team happier.

As they say, happier employees will be better employees and productivity will increase.

All this leads to more revenue for the business and higher profitability.

  1. You improve your processes.

Working from home is good for business in terms of improving your processes.

Why do I say this?

Shifting your operations into a system that relies on people working from home is major undertaking.

You will be required to have systems and processes that are working smoothly. This is to ensure that all key persons are connected and communication is flowing smoothly.

For your business to perform better and to possibly scale, you will need to accept change.

There are a lot of mundane things one does in the office, that is most cases waste time and money. You will let go of such and only focus on high impact ideas or actions.

You will also learn to trust people more. Your team and partners are working from home, and you have no way of monitoring whether they are working or watching their best series.

Why Working from Home is Good for Business (Video)


In conclusion, flexible working is becoming a very attractive idea to a lot of people.

Companies are asking people to work from home. This is making remote working the new normal for business and enterprises.

I do not know what has been your catalyst for starting to work remotely or telecommuting. However, working from a model that has many benefits for your business.

It is possible that working from home is going to be the future, and a way forward for many businesses or enterprises.