7 Reasons Why Golf is a Gentleman’s Game

For a very long time, golf as a sport has attracted ridicule and adoration in equal measure. There are those who feel that playing golf is elitist or for the rich. While the game attracts both men and female, you might be wondering; why is golf considered a gentleman’s game?

When you think of who a gentleman is considered to be, you realize it compares well with the game of golf.

It is all about behaviour and the decency.

The basic idea is that when you are said to be a gentleman, you are considered a person who treats other well.

You find this being used a lot when it comes to relationships between men and women.

When it comes to playing golf, your interaction with others also play a significant role in the sport being referred as a gentleman’s game.

In this article, I will share with you reasons why golf is considered a gentleman’s game.

By the end of this article, you will understand the rule and practices that make the sport awesome.

Why is Golf Considered a Gentleman’s Game?

As you have noticed, golf is considered to a gentleman’s game. You will be glad to know that this has nothing to do on whether you are a man or female.

Here are the reasons why golf is considered by many to be a gentleman’s sport.

  1. Golfers shake hands.
  2. Civil conversations.
  3. Self–regulate when playing.
  4. Proper use of golf course.
  5. A respectful game.
  6. Proper use of golf clubs
  7. High levels of etiquette.

These are the seven reasons why many people think or consider golf to have a gentlemanly mien.

In the section below, you will further understand why golf is called a gentleman’s game or sport today.

 7 Reasons Why Golf is Considered a Gentleman’s Sport

For a long time, golf has been considered a gentleman’s game. There are reasons why this is the case.

In this section, I will share with you some of the top reasons why many consider golf as a gentleman’s sport.

  1. Golfers shake hands.

If you have ever been to a golf tournament, or have watched golf on cable TV, you might have seen golfers shaking hands.

This happens before, and after a round of playing golf.

Shaking hand is considered highly as a sign of competitive respect.

Golfers treat each other with respect, even after a fierce competition.

  1. Civil conversations.

In some sports, you might hear bad language or even insults being thrown around.

This rarely happens in golf.

Conversations are usually civil and respectful among the golfers.

In fact, if you visit a golf course or attend a golf tournament, you will be advised to be respectful. They do not tolerate unruly golfers or patrons.

  1. Self–regulate when playing.

One of the unique things about golf is the fact that players self-regulate when on the course.

Golfers watch each other, and ensure rule of the game are followed.

I am sure you have not seen a referee on a course during a golf tournament. This is one reason why golf is considered to be a gentleman’s game.

It is expected that golfers have the ability to be responsible. That they will not cheat when they make a mistake or breach sporting rules.

  1. Proper use of golf course.

When using golf course facilities, you are expected to be responsible in how you use it.

As a gentleman’s sport, golfers use the courses the way it is supposed to be used.

They do not litter around, and use the right kind of golf shoes or other accessories which are kind to the golf course.

  1. A respectful game.

Playing golf should be an enjoyable experience.

For this to happen, there should be a great of respect between golfers, as well as a respect for the course.

Many consider golf to be a gentleman’s game because of the respect exhibited by the golfers, on the course and within the golf club.

Golfers respect each other, are polite and they avoid distracting each other when playing.

  1. Proper use of golf clubs.

As you can imagine, golf clubs can be very dangerous when used badly.

For example, you can hit another golfer if you swing wrongly or too close to them.

A wrong grip can make the golf club a flying object which is not good for the sport.

To ensure this does not happen, golfers are mindful of each other. You will see them giving each other space when one is about to hit the golf ball.

It is the same case for those ahead of you at the course. You should give them enough space to avoid hitting them when you tee-off.

  1. High levels of etiquette.

At the heart of the idea of golf being a gentleman’s game is golf etiquette.

Golfers observe high levels of etiquette.

If you visit a golf course, attend a golf event or watch the tournaments on TV, you will notice how golfers behave with decorum.

Good etiquette in golf applies to everyone, and includes having good eating habits in golf.


In conclusion, the above reasons are why golf is considered to be a gentleman’s game.

You should ensure that you maintain the same decorum when you start playing golf.

Golf is a social sport, and all principles of social relations apply when you are learning to play or when actually playing a round of golf.

You should show respect and be courteous to other golfers.

It is important to ensure you follow the basic rule or golf etiquette when you are playing golf.

This includes when you are on the golf course as well as when at the hospitality section of the golf course.

Always remember to be a gentleman when you are playing golf.