Why is Golf Such an Expensive Sport

Playing golf is not cheap. This is what I found out when i started learning how to play golf. It was intriguing that a sport can be that costly. I took time to find out, why is golf such an expensive sport?

I am sure you would also want to know why golf is costly. This is true if you are interested in learning how to golf.

There are a number of things to consider when playing golf. It is such stuff that raises the price or cost of the sport.

In fact, you will find some arguing that golf is for the rich people. There is a reason why you might find some truth in that statement.

Over the years, I have learned and understood why golf is such an expensive sport to many.

In this article, I will share with you insights and information why golf is considered to be an expensive sport.


As I conclude, it is my hope that this resource has helped you to understand why golf is such an expensive sport.

You have noted that the cost of playing golf is high because of the accessories you need.

Besides the fees you pay to join a golf course or club, you also need to spend money to buy golf bags, golf shoes and other accessories.

These cost money and in most case are expensive to buy.

You need to spend a few dollars to get a good pair of spikeless golf shoes. This applies to a quality golf bag.

These are the things that make golf to be an expensive sport. It is also why some feel that golf is for the rich people.

Because let us face it, you need to have some considerable disposable income to take up golf as a hobby.

If you do not have money to fund your golf activities, you will find it stressful and expensive to be part of the sport.

However, in some cities, there are some public golf courses where you can learn how to play golf without spending a lot of money.