11 Reasons Why F1 Drivers Live in Switzerland

why do f1 drivers live in switzerland

Is there a reason why F1 drivers move to places such as Switzerland? You are not alone to wonder about this. Asked differently, why do F1 drivers live in Switzerland?

Switzerland is an interesting country to formula one drivers for various reasons.

People love staying and living is the country. Among them are F1 drivers who seem to have a particular interest in this beautiful country.

They are the people you most likely know and have seen more when it comes to F1 racing.

Given the incomes they earn or generate, their lives are always of interest to many.

So, why do so many formula 1 drivers enjoy living in Switzerland?

In life, one of the key decisions you will make is about where you live. The location of your home or house is important to the lifestyle you would like to have.

You should also be careful when making such investment decisions. It affects your money because of such issues as the amount of tax you are expected to pay.

This is the same with formula 1 drivers.

You will find that a number of them have chosen Switzerland for professional or business reasons.

Many F1 drivers are already rich or wealthy and need to manage their wealth prudently.

It is important for you to note that the luxury and glamour of Zurich or Geneva is attracting the rich and the famous. It is why Switzerland is home to many celebrities including F1 drivers.

In this article, I would like to help you understand why F1 drivers like to live in Switzerland. The reasons that make Switzerland an attractive destination to the formula one drivers.

As a destination, the country provides great value to formula one drivers, and you can also consider living or visiting Switzerland.

Why Do F1 Drivers Live in Switzerland?

Switzerland provides exciting opportunities for the formula one drivers. Here are the reasons why some F1 drivers live and stay in Switzerland;

  1. Great Weather.
  2. Lifestyle and Leisure.
  3. Higher Standard of Living.
  4. Business Friendly Policies.
  5. Lower Taxes.
  6. Attractive Tourist Sites.
  7. Affordable Luxury.
  8. Connectivity.
  9. Political Stability.
  10. Safety.
  11. Family Friendly.

Let me now explain to you the reasons why Switzerland is such a popular place to live or stay for formula one drivers.

11 Reasons Why F1 Drivers Live in Switzerland

If you have never been to Switzerland, I would suggest you add it to your bucket list. You would truly enjoy being in the Alps among other nice places.

When it comes to formula one drivers, here are the reasons why F1 drivers live in Switzerland.

  1. Great Weather.

There is great weather in Switzerland.

However, i know you might be wondering what the weather is like all year round in the country.

The climate is moderate with no excessive heat, cold or humidity.

From July to August the daytime temperature range is 18 to 28 °C (65° – 82° F) and from January to February the range is -2 to 7 °C (28° – 45° F).

In spring and autumn, the daytime temperature range is 8 to 15 °C (46° – 59° F).

For a formula one driver, this weather is conducive for living and enjoying other activities.

  1. Lifestyle and Leisure.

Formula 1 is one of the most prestigious sports in the world. It is not a wonder that F1 drivers are popular too.

The reason for this popularity comes from the kind of live they lead.

From the cars they drive, clothes they wear, their social life and where they go for vacations.

To many people, including F1 fans, this lifestyle and leisure of formula one drivers is very exciting.

Switzerland provides the ultimate destination for leisure activities which includes skiing in the Alps.

  1. Higher Standards of Living.

It is good to note that Switzerland has witnessed tremendous economic growth over the years.

The economy continues to flourish at a stable and sustainable rate.

This, combined with the steady growth in GDP makes Switzerland one of the most financially stable in the world.

In fact, it is well regarded by entrepreneurs as a great business capital.

  1. Business Friendly Policies.

As mentioned, Switzerland is attractive to F1 drivers for commercial and business reasons.

The country provides a friendly environment to start or run a business.

As you might be aware, some of the formula 1 drivers have business that they run.

It is an interesting and favorable location for their enterprises.

  1. Lower Taxes.

For many professionals and business leaders, tax can be a pain to deal with.

It is an expense many people would like to manage.

Switzerland provides tax benefits making it very attractive to formula one drivers.

As you might be aware, one source of income for an F1 driver is the salary they get from their teams.

A formula one driver might also be able to attract corporate sponsorship. They also have made investments in various classes of assets.

Living in Switzerland allows them to pay the least amount of money. It means a formula one driver gets to keep much of their income.

I am sure you would also want such in your life. Right?

  1. Attractive Tourist Sites.

The scenery in Switzerland has a lot to offer those moving there, it is famous for its dramatic mountains and calm lakes.

An F1 driver can even enjoy skiing in the Alps among other activities in Switzerland.

The temperature does vary from different locations and tends to be warmer in the south and cooler in the north.

Summers are normally Mediterranean and can reach temperatures of 30C in July and August, whilst January and February are the coldest months.

  1. Affordable Luxury.

As an F1 fan, it is possible you have noted formula 1 drivers like and enjoy a luxurious lifestyle.

It involves the kind of cars they drive and also the sports they engage in.

One of the reasons some F1 drivers live in Switzerland is that one can play or enjoy sports.

Switzerland is well known for outdoor and winter sports activities like skiing, snowboarding and mountaineering.

For example, Valtteri Bottas enjoy ice hockey. This would be a perfect for him to enjoy in Switzerland.

Some of the world ski resorts include Verbier and Zermatt.

  1. Global Connectivity.

Perfectly positioned as a gateway to the globe, you can be almost anywhere in Europe and Americas.

There are regular flights to all major destinations with some of the most reputable airlines around.

Not only will this make the occasional trip home quick and easy, it opens up some exciting and exotic holiday destinations.

  1. Political Stability

Switzerland is not only a safe country, it also has a history for neutrality and is home to one of the most stable democracies in the world.

During the recent economic downturn Switzerland remained fairly unharmed making it a safe haven for investors and an economy that has fairly low job unemployment.

  1. Safety

Each one of us craves for safety. This is safety for ourselves and those we love.

Formula 1 drivers are sensitive to issues of safety.

In fact, the entire sport of formula one racing takes safety very seriously. The sport has introduced measures to ensure racing is safe for the drivers and the fans as well.

Safety is one of the reasons why F1 drivers live in Switzerland. The country is calm and often voted for as one of the safest countries to live in.

  1. Family Friendly

Many people choose to live in Switzerland to give their families a higher quality of life.

F1 drivers who move their families to Switzerland feel their children will be more secure.

They are keen to benefit from the advantages the country has to offer in the future.

Which F1 Drivers Live in Switzerland

Now that you know the reasons why F1 drivers live in Switzerland, here are the name of formula one drievrs on the grid today who call Switzerland home.

They include;

  1. Sebastian Vettel – Thurgoria.
  2. Lance Stroll – Geneva.
  3. Fernando Alonso – Mont-sur-Rolle
  4. Mick Schumacher – Gland

There you have it, the drivers on the grid today who live in Switzerland.

But they are not the only ones who have called Switzerland home.

Others F1 Drivers Who Have Lived in Switzerland.

There are other formula one drivers who have lived in Swtizerland in the past. Some still have home or houses in the country, while others have moved to other countries or cities.

These drivers include;

  • Lewis Hamilton
  • Kimi Raikkonen
  • Michael Schumacher
  • Felipe Massa
  • Heikki Kovalainen
  • Jarno Trulli
  • Adrian Sutil
  • Robert Kubica
  • Nick Heidfeld

Another key figure in the world of formula one racing who has lived in Switzerland is Bernie Ecclestone. He has a villa and a hotel in the country.

Switzerland and Formula One

F1 Grand Prix races have been banned in Switzerland since a racing disaster killed 80 spectators in 1955.

However, Swiss links to the sport are significant.

The main figure is Peter Sauber, founder and head of the Sauber Formula One team that was sold to BMW in 2007.

Their factory remains at Hinwil near Zurich. It plays a roole in the economy as the Hinwil headquarters places annual orders with Swiss firms to the tune of about $45.5 million.

Switzerland has produced Formula One stars who include Jo Siffert, Clay Regazzoni and Marc Surer.

Since Surer’s retirement in 1985, no Swiss has made the breakthrough into Formula One.


In conclusion, it is my hope that you now know or understand why formula 1 drivers live in Switzerland.

The country is strategically located in Europe, and one can access any destination from the city.

From a geographical point of view, this makes it easy for F1 drivers to live in the city, as they can easily move around between races.

There are both lifestyle and financial reasons why a decision to stay in Switzerland would be considered by higher income earner.

Given the kind of income and assets F1 drivers have, it makes tax and commercial sense to make Switzerland a first or secondary home.

The weather is always nice and there are lower taxes. Such incentives are very attractive to formula one drivers.

Most formula one drivers are entrepreneurs and as such, Switzerland provides them with a business-friendly environment.