7 Reasons Why F1 Drivers Live in Milton Keynes

why do f1 drivers live in milton keynes

Milton Keynes is popular as the base of the Red Bull F1 team. It is also a place that has attracted some of the F1 drivers who have chosen to stay and live in this area. You might wonder; why do F1 drivers live in Milton Keynes?

What would be very interesting are the reasons for living in Milton Keynes. I am going to provide you with these in the section below.

A more intriguing idea is why those who drive for Red Bull‘s competitors would live in Milton Keynes.

You might think it is a set up straight from a spy movie. But it is not.

As it turns out, there are good reasons why formula one drivers would like staying or living in Milton Keynes when in the United Kingdom.

So, why do so many formula 1 drivers enjoy living in Milton Keynes or MK as is popularly known?

In a nutshell, Milton Keynes has a healthy economy, excellent transport links and affordable modern housing. It is one of the biggest and fastest-growing town in the UK.

These are some of the things that attract the F1 drivers to the area.

Why Do F1 Drivers Live in Milton Keynes?

Milton Keynes provides exciting opportunities for the formula one drivers.

Here are the reasons why some F1 drivers live and stay in MK;

  1. Transport Links
  2. Housing Prices
  3. Cost of Living
  4. Great Facilities
  5. Location of F1 Teams
  6. Lifestyle and Leisure
  7. Impressive Shopping Centre

Let me now explain to you the reasons why Milton Keynes is such a popular place to live or stay for formula one drivers.

7 Reasons Why F1 Drivers Live in Milton Keynes

If you have never been to Milton Keynes, I would suggest you add it to your bucket list. You would truly enjoy being in this town.

When it comes to formula one drivers, here are the reasons why some F1 drivers live in Milton Keynes.

  1. Transport Links

There are great links that connects Milton Keynes with the rest of the cities in the UK.

It is very easy to move in and out of the town. You can easily travel to London or neighbouring towns

Transport links allow formula 1 drivers to have easy access to and out of the town. It is important given a driver needs to go to races.

  1. Housing Prices

As a growing town, Milton Keynes provides residents with an opportunity to invest in real estate or houses.

For an F1 driver, this is a great chance to invest their money in an appreciating asset.

House prices are also cheaper in the town compared to places like London.

This helps formula one drivers to save on their housing or rent expenses. It is one of the reasons F1 drivers live in Milton Keynes today.

  1. Cost of Living

Related to the prices of the housing market is the general cost of living.

Life in Milton Keynes is more affordable, compared to London and other cities in the United Kingdom.

The cost of living in the town is cheaper.

  1. Great Facilities

Milton Keynes has been developed in a modern way with access to facilities given priority.

You can access public facilities and also great restaurants ion the town without much difficulty.

Amenities are a great attraction for F1 drivers who want to live and stay in Milton Keynes.

  1. Location of F1 Teams

Another reason F1 drivers live in Milton Keynes is because the town is the home to Red Bull racing team.

RBR has its headquarters in Milton Keynes

This makes it easy and convenient for a driver to live in the town.

  1. Lifestyle and Leisure

Formula 1 drivers earn good money. They are paid well by their teams for their services.

You will also find drivers who generate income from securing sponsorship from corporate organizations or businesses.

This explains why F1 drivers like or enjoy a luxurious lifestyle.

In this regard, F1 drivers seek to live or settle in places where they can enjoy or have leisure.

This is one of the reasons why some F1 drivers consider living in Milton Keynes.

  1. Impressive Shopping Centre

Another attractive in the town is the availability of shopping centre.

This makes it possible for someone to buy items he or she would need for a comfortable life.

While some F1 drivers have referred to Milton Keynes as ‘boring’, others have been impressed by the town to a great deal.

Which F1 Drivers Have Lived in Milton Keynes

As I have mentioned before, Milton Keynes is home to the Red Bull formula 1 team.

You would expect that their current and former drivers are living within the town.

However, not all formula 1 drivers are living or staying in Milton Keynes. Some are living in Monaco and others in Switzerland among other places.

Some of the drivers who have called this town home include;

  1. Daniil Kvyat.
  2. Alex Albon.
  3. Yuki Tsunoda
  4. George Russell

At one point or the other, these F1 drivers have lived in Milton Keynes. In fact, some really enjoyed living here as Daniil Kvyat said;

“Well, when I was there I liked to cook for myself. I learned a lot about cooking!

In terms of going out there are plenty of good restaurants in the centre and maybe there was a little bit of hanging out in the bars, until 11pm, and then home to bed.

Living here was a really good experience”

Milton Keynes and Formula One

It is important to point out the relationship between Milton Keynes and the Formula 1.

As I have mentioned before, Red Bull racing team is based in Milton Keynes.

However, it is worth noting that their main sponsor is the Austrian energy drink, Red Bull.

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Today, Red Bull have their headquarters in Milton Keynes. It is a state of the art building that houses the team’s factory.

You can visit or experience the RBR’s headquarters through the factory tours that the team conducts.


In conclusion, it is my hope that you now know or understand why formula 1 drivers live in Milton Keynes.

The town is strategically located in United Kingdom, and one can access any destination from the city.

An F1 driver can easily access the Silverstone track when living in Milton Keynes.

From a geographical point of view, this makes it easy for F1 drivers to live in the city, as they can easily move around between races.

There are both lifestyle and financial reasons why a decision to stay in Milton Keynes would be considered smart for an F1 driver.

Given the kind of income and assets F1 drivers have, it makes business and commercial sense to make Milton Keynes home.

With several F1 teams being based in the UK, living in Milton Keynes is an attractive idea for some drivers.

It works best for the Red Bull racing team. The team is based in Milton Keynes.

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