11 Reasons Why F1 Drivers Like and Live in Dubai

why do f1 drivers live in dubai

Do you know where F1 drivers live? Have you ever wondered why Formula 1 drivers live in Dubai?

Dubai is a very interesting city. Many people love visiting, staying or living in Dubai for various reasons. Formula one drivers enjoy being in this city too.

They are the people you most likely know and have seen more when it comes to F1 racing. Given the incomes they earn or generate, their lives are always of interest to many.

So, why do so many formula 1 drivers enjoy being in Dubai?

In life, one of the key decisions you will make is about where you live. The location of your home or house is important to the lifestyle you would like to have.

You should also be careful when making investment decisions.

This is the same with formula 1 drivers. You will find that a number of them have chosen Dubai for professional or business reasons. Many F1 drivers are already rich or wealthy and need to manage their wealth prudently.

It is important for you to note that the luxury and glamour of Dubai is attracting the rich and the famous. It is why Dubai is home to many celebrities including F1 drivers.

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In this article, I would like to help you understand why F1 drivers like Dubai.  As a destination, Dubai provides great value to formula one drivers, and you can also consider living in Dubai as well.

Why Do F1 Drivers Live in Dubai?

Dubai provides exciting opportunities for the formula one drivers. Here are the reasons why some F1 drivers live and stay in Dubai;

  1. Great weather.
  2. Lifestyle and leisure.
  3. Strong economy.
  4. Business-friendly.
  5. Tax benefits.
  6. Reliable transport.
  7. Affordable luxury.
  8. International cuisine.
  9. Global connectivity.
  10. Multicultural
  11. Safety

Let me now explain to you the reasons why Dubai is such a popular place to live or stay for formula one drivers.

11 Reasons Why F1 Drivers Like and Live in Dubai

If you have never been to Dubai, I would suggest you add it to your bucket list. But I digress.

For the F1 drivers, living or staying in Dubai has the following benefits.

  1. Great Weather.

There is great weather in Dubai.

One of the most attractive things is the year round sunshine. This makes Dubai a sun-lover’s paradise.

For an F1 driver who enjoys warm weathers, this is a reason why living or investing in Dubai is a nice idea.

When the weather gets a little too warm, you can visit one of Dubai’s many indoor attractions for food, entertainment and, of course, shopping.

  1. Lifestyle and Leisure.

Formula 1 is one of the most prestigious sport in the world. It is not a wonder that F1 drivers are popular too.

The reason for this popularity comes from the kind of live they lead. From the cars they drive, clothes they wear, their social life and where they go for vacations.

The lifestyle and leisure of formula one drivers is exciting to many people.

Dubai provides the ultimate destination for leisure activities. An example includes skiing, camping under the stars in the desert, sky-diving among others.

  1. Strong Economic Growth.

It is good to note that Dubai has witnessed tremendous economic growth over the years.

The economy continues to flourish at a stable and sustainable rate.

Emirati Dirham has also remained stable and strong against the US Dollar or Euro

This, combined with the steady growth in GDP of around 5% each year, make Dubai one of the most financially stable destinations in the world.

  1. Business-Friendly Policies.

Dubai provides a friendly environment to start a business. This explains why some of the major businesses or brands have offices in Dubai.

As you might be aware, some of the formula 1 drivers have business that they run.

This makes Dubai an interesting and favorable location for their enterprises.

  1. Tax Benefits.

For many professionals and business leaders, tax can be a pain to deal with.

It is an expense many people would like to manage.

Dubai provides tax benefits for salaries and business incomes. This is very attractive to formula one drivers.

As you might be aware, one source of income for an F1 driver is the salary they get from their teams.

A formula one driver might also be able to attract corporate sponsorship.

Living in Dubai allows them to pay the least amount of money. It means a formula one driver gets to keep much of their income.

I am sure you would also want such in your life. Right?

This could allow you to boost your savings, enjoy a few little luxuries or maybe take a holiday or two.

As there is also no VAT to pay on goods or food, you may find you are spending less too, if you can resist the designer shops.

  1. Reliable Transport.

Dubai’s new metro system has had a great amount of investment and is now a modern, fast, clean and reliable alternative to road travel.

Planners are even harnessing Dubai’s natural advantages and using solar power to reduce the city’s carbon footprint.

  1. Affordable Luxury.

Formula one drivers love luxury, and Dubai is legendary when it comes to luxurious living.

There are high-end designer shops, luxury hotels and the best entertainment money can buy.

All a formula one drivers needs to do is swipe their credit card to enjoy this luxury.

Given that F1 drivers are paid highly, this is usually not a problem.

If you need to update your wardrobe, whatever your budget, you’ll find everything from Hermès to H&M all under the same roof.

Like any popular, successful city, Dubai’s property is in demand and housing is likely to be one of your biggest expenses.

Accommodation is generally of a very high standard, clean, modern and well equipped.

  1. International Cuisine.

Dubai’s international culture has had a huge influence on its culinary scene.

As waves of immigrants arrived in Dubai from all over the world, they brought with them their best-loved recipes and favourite ingredients.

It is one of the reasons F1 drivers enjoy living in Dubai. They get the best of the world’s cuisine.

Today, you can find everyone from Michelin starred chefs to street vendors cooking exotic international cuisine.

  1. Global Connectivity.

Perfectly positioned as a gateway to the globe, you can be almost anywhere in Europe, Asia and Africa in under eight hours.

Dubai airport is one of the busiest hubs in the aviation world.

There are regular flights to all major destinations with some of the most reputable airlines around.

Not only will this make the occasional trip home quick and easy, it opens up some exciting and exotic holiday destinations.

A mini break in the Maldives or long weekend in Goa are both just a four hour flight away.

  1. Multicultural

Dubai has highest proportion of foreign-born residents in the world, making it an incredibly easy place to be an F1 driver to live.

It helps one to fit easily into the luxurious lifestyle of high income earners in Dubai.

Formula one drivers are some of the highest paid athletes. This provides them with enough disposable income to enjoy life in Dubai.

  1. Safety.

Completing our top eleven reasons F1 drivers live in Dubai is the city’s enviably low crime rate.

Dubai is one of the safest large cities in the world, largely due to the strictly enforced laws and well-respected police force.

While a certain amount of street-savvy is still necessary, the streets of Dubai are on whole friendly and safe.

Men and women can walk through any public area day or night and feel almost no risk or threat.

Why Formula 1 Drivers Enjoy Being in Dubai?

I am always interested in learning or understanding the kind of lifestyle formula 1 drivers lead.

With big money, F1 drivers like to live big. Dubai provides a great experience for drivers who love the good life.

And who does not want to enjoy life?

It does seem that with more income earned, the drivers like to live in nice homes and cities.

F1 drivers make money from a number of things including sponsorship.

Dubai is a special place for Formula one. It is a place where many formula one drivers like to visit or stay.

There is great luxury in Dubai. It has a lot of high-end shops and restaurants.

You can also find plenty of luxury houses, apartments, and hotels.


In conclusion, it is my hope that you now know or understand why formula 1 drivers live in Dubai.

Dubai is strategically located, and one can access any destination from the city.

From a geographical point of view, this makes it easy for F1 drivers to live in the city, as they can easily move around between races.

After the Bahrain Grand Prix, most F1 drivers fly to Dubai as they await the next race in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

For example, Lewis Hamilton is reported to have taken to sky-diving after finishing 3rd at the 2022 season opener in Bahrain.

There are both lifestyle and financial reasons why a decision to stay in Dubai would be considered by higher income earner.

Given the kind of income and assets F1 drivers have, it makes tax and commercial sense to make Dubai a first or secondary home.

The weather is always nice and there are tax benefits to living in Dubai.

Most formula one drivers are entrepreneurs and as such, Dubai provides them with a business-friendly environment.

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