Why Do People Hate Hamilton So Much

why do people hate hamilton so much

Lewis Hamilton is a seven-time world champion, has most pole positions, highest number of front row starts and most wins in formula one. He is the best in F1 today and has enjoyed success since he joined F1 in 2007. With all that, why do people hate Hamilton so much?

This is a paradox to me, and it is one that I have for a long time wanted to understand.

If you are like me, and you love formula one, it could also be bothering you why people hate Hamilton so much today.

Having haters is not new to successful or famous people. There is always a chance that some people in the world will not like you.

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Truth is, you cannot please everyone. However, understanding some of the reasons that motivate some people to hate Lewis Hamilton will help us to understand them better.

In this article, I am looking at why people hate Hamilton so much, and the probable reasons behind it.


In conclusion, Lewis Hamilton has a huge following and fan base. There are millions of people across the world who loves him.

However, there are people who also hate Hamilton so much, that they would not stand him.

This is understandable.

With the great success that Lewis Hamilton has achieved in F1 racing, it is possible to attract haters.

There are people in the world who do not like to see other people succeed. it is normal.

As you have seen above, some of the reasons why people hate Hamilton so much has nothing to do with him. It is actually a reflection of the individual who is exhibiting hate sentiments.

It is possible that if you feel hate towards another person, you are projecting your own fears and shortcomings.

People are created different. The fact that Hamilton is different from you does not mean that you should hate him.

We might not agree on everything, but I do think it is important to remain respectful to each other.