Why Do F1 Drivers Wear Gloves

As you watch formula one, you might notice that they F1 drivers wear protective clothing. This includes shoes, balaclavas, coveralls and surprisingly, gloves. So, why do f1 drivers wear gloves?

Formula one driving is an extreme sport. The cars can accelerate or slow down at very fast speeds. It is a sport that requires high levels of safety.

When it comes to racing gloves, they do play a role in the automobile sector.

You can also use gloves in your daily commute within your town.

However, in formula one, wearing of gloves by F1 drivers is a safety requirement.

As you can see, gloves do not just make your favourite driver look nice.

In this article, you will understand why F1 drivers wear gloves. You will also learn how wearing gloves is important to the formula one or racing drivers.


In conclusion, wearing gloves is important to F1 drivers.

As you have seen, gloves play a big role in improving the safety and protection of the drivers when an accident happens.

That is why the FIA has been keen to ensure gloves for F1 drivers can transmit heat properly.

New technology is being used to build what you might call ‘responsive’ gloves.

Yes, the gloves look good and are a fashion statement by various racing drivers.

It is also possible that you can use gloves to drive to and from work. Driving gloves are a good car accessory to have today.