Why Do F1 Drivers Spray Champagne

Over the years, formula one has become associated with champagne. This is evident on podiums after a race. You will see the top three drivers spraying each other with champagne. But the question is; why do F1 drivers spray champagne in formula one sport?

I like sharing a drink with my friends once in a while.

While I am more of a whiskey person, I do enjoy a glass of champagne during events.

Champagne works very well when you are celebrating something.

In formula one, winning a race or at least being in the top three positions is worth celebrating.

One of the iconic scenes after a race takes place on the podium. This is where drivers spray champagne on each other, and on the fans.

So, why do F1 drivers spray champagne?

In this article, you will learn and understand the reasons that make F1 drivers spray champagne on the podium.


As I conclude this conversation with you, I hope you will get a chance to get a bottle of champagne.


You can keep it in your house to celebrate your business or professional wins.

As you have read above, F1 drivers spray champagne for a number of reasons.

They do it to celebrate great performance after a race.

As a tradition, this started back in 1954, and has stuck with the sport to date.