19 Reasons Why Business People Prefer to Play Golf

When I started my journey into building my business, I came across many entrepreneurs and business people who played golf. At first, I found this to be very intriguing. I know you are also wondering; why do business people prefer to play golf?

I was wondering about the same thing. It made no sense that business leaders spent a lot of time on the golf courses.

Over time, I have learned that golf and business share a lot of things. You need to be patient, consistent, practicing and understand competition.

These are valuable lessons, both in golf and in a round of golf. It is something rich and wealthy individuals know about playing golf.

But why do business people prefer to play golf? You will understand why golf is important to businesses and business leaders.

In this article, I will share with you the reasons why entrepreneurs and business leader like to play golf.

Why Do Business People Prefer to Play Golf?

Golf is very popular among the business people or the business community.

So, why do business people prefer to play golf? Here are the reasons why this happens;

  1. An opportunity to get outdoors.
  2. Make new friends.
  3. Discuss business or close deals.
  4. Create strong bonds in the team.
  5. Engage with a client deeply.
  6. To have some fun.
  7. Discuss or solve business issues
  8. Promote products or services.
  9. Challenge themselves
  10. Make money
  11. Learn about clients
  12. Spend quality time alone
  13. Alternative meeting point
  14. Build character
  15. Can be done anywhere
  16. High return on investment
  17. Builds social capital
  18. Saves advertising money
  19. Better overall health

As you can see, the above list provides you with ideas and reasons why golf is important to business people.

It is something you should consider, especially if you run or manage a business.

They say your network is your net worth. I do believe there is truth in that statement.

19 Reasons Why Business People Prefer to Play Golf

These are the top and unique reasons why business people prefer to play golf today;

  1. An opportunity to get outdoors.

When you are building or managing a business, you spend a lot of time in your office. This could include your home office.

You might not have time to go outside.

However, playing golf provides business people an opportunity to get outdoors.

A business person or entrepreneur gets a chance to walk and get fresh air while enjoying a round of golf

  1. Make new friends.

Networking is very important in business.

It is an opportunity for you to meet and make new friends. The friends you meet are part of your business network.

Making new friends and cementing relationships with existing ones can be done through playing of golf.

  1. Discuss business or close deals.

Business people like making or closing deals.

Playing golf provides a exclusive and private opportunity to engage in business conversation.

You can discuss or close business deals on a golf course. It is one of the reasons many business leaders or entrepreneurs play golf.

  1. Create strong bonds in the team.

Team work is an important aspect in most businesses.

Managing teams is a major concern for most business leaders or entrepreneurs.

Playing golf as a team is a great opportunity to create and build strong bonds in a team.

Business people or leaders prefer golf as a way to motivate team members.

It is also a way to encourage teams to work together to solve issues. Same way teams would do when playing a round of golf on the course.

  1. Engage with a client deeply.

Client engagement is very important. You should always keep in touch with your existing and potential customers.

This is what brings revenues to the businesses.

One way to engage clients and become deeper with them is through playing golf.

It is the reason why business people prefer to play golf, as a way to entertain clients.

  1. To have some fun.

As they say, all work and no play make Jack a dull boy.

This means that without time off from work, a person becomes both bored and boring.

Running the day-to-day affairs of a business can take a toll on business people.

To have fun and enjoy life, business people prefer to play golf with friends, clients or colleagues.

  1. Discuss or solve business issues.

When confronted with conflicts or issues, business people some time take to the golf course to solve them.

It is easy to understand why they do that.

To play a round of golf, you need over 2 hours or more on an 18-hole golf course.

You can use that time to discuss or solve issues with your colleagues, clients or business associates.

A golf course also provides you with a serene, calm and private environment to have sensitive conversations away from the office.

  1. Promote products or services.

I know you have seen it within your own town, city or country.

Golf is a sport that businesses use or leverage to promote their products or services.

This is done through sport marketing, the idea to use sports as a platform to increase brand visibility.

Businesses have been and are corporate sponsors of golf tournaments at the local, national and international levels.

All of this is done with the singular aim of promoting a company’s products or services.

That is business people prefer to play golf. It provides them with a chance to market or advertise their businesses.

  1. Challenge themselves.

One of the things that make business people prefer to play golf is the idea of competing against self.

Golf is a way of challenging yourself against the terrain and the design of the golf course.

It is one of the sports where you compete against yourself.

Was your game better last week?

How did you perform yesterday?

What is your handicap and is it improving?

These are questions you ask when playing golf. Your answer depends on whether you are improving on your game.

In this regard, a lot of business people have taken up golf as a way to challenge themselves.

  1. Make money

You might not have thought about this, but golf is big business. It is possible for you to make money from playing golf.

For example, event planners make money from organizing golf tournaments or events.

If this is your line of business, you can make money from corporate sponsorship.

Some business people prefer to play golf as a business in itself, and to make money from the sport.

  1. Learn about clients

One of the things i enjoy about golf is organizing and hosting golf tournaments.

Inviting my current clients and potential customers for a round of golf is truly a great experience.

However, playing golf is not the only thing I enjoy. I love listening and listening to them.

To me, it is an opportunity to learn and understand clients more. As an entrepreneur, this is valuable data and information.

I know many business people prefer to play golf because of the opportunities to interact with clients or customers.

  1. Spend quality time alone

Business life can be very challenging. You are dealing with internal and external issue almost on a daily basis.

This can take a toll on you. It has for many business leaders and entrepreneurs.

In this regard, you might need to take some time off and relax on the golf course, all by yourself.

As you might be aware, you can play golf alone. You just need your golf clubs, nice golf shoes and a golf bag or cart.

If you need to, you can have a golf caddies to help you in the course.

The idea is simple; you can spend quality time alone in the golf course. It is one of the reasons business people prefer to play golf today.

  1. Alternative meeting point

Business meetings are often carried out in the golf course as leader play golf.

In this regard, you might consider a golf course as an alternative meeting point.

Leaders or people in the business community prefer to play golf as a way to do business deals or meeting.

  1. Build character

Are you playing golf or do you play golf?

If you do, then you understand that golf can test and truly build your personal character.

Playing golf is about competing, not with others, but with yourself. It is you against a golf course and a terrain that can break your spirit.

You are going to make mistakes, become frustrated and deal with emotions as you play golf.

This is why business people prefer to play golf. It helps them build their character and become better business leaders.

  1. Can be done anywhere

In today’s world, there is a growing opportunity about working from anywhere.

This comes from the rising interest on remote working or nomad lifestyle.

As you undertake such a lifestyle, you can play golf anywhere in the globe.

This is because there are many golf courses in the world. You can find a golf course spread across 206 countries in the globe.

  1. High return on investment

Return on investment (ROI) is a common way for investors to measure the benefits they get from an investment.

For business leaders, playing golf has a higher return on their investment in terms of time.

They are also bale to get higher returns on investments when they leverage golf for marketing or brand building.

  1. Builds social capital

There are very many ways a business leader can use to build their social capital through golf.

Playing golf allows you to network, build friendships, keep in touch with colleagues and expand your circle of influence.

Business people prefer playing golf as it provides them with a platform to build or increase social capital.

  1. Saves advertising money

Golf provides a great opportunity for businesses to promote their products or services.

In traditional marketing, you would need to spend thousands or millions of dollars in mass advertising.

However, when well targeted, you can save advertising money by leveraging on the golf as a sport.

  1. Better overall health

Sports are an excellent way to exercise and improve your health.

Business people like playing golf as it is an alternative way to stay health.

You need to walk several kilometres on a 9-hole or an 18-hole golf course.

As you make your swings and hit golf balls, you are keeping and improving your overall health.


In conclusion, it is important to understand why business people prefer to play golf. You can use that knowledge to create a plan on how to engage with industry leaders.

As an entrepreneur, there is value in networking with other business leaders.

One of the places you can spend time with leaders is at the golf courses. This is because they enjoy playing golf.

Some of the reasons why business people prefer to play golf is that they can network, discuss business, relax, exercise and have time to think while on the golf course.

Golf provides business leaders with ample time to think though some of the tough business decisions or situations they are facing.

It is also an opportunity to challenge themselves. Playing a 9-hole or an 18-hole round of golf is a great challenge to a business leader.

As you have seen from this resource, business leaders prefer to play golf for various reasons.

I am sure you also have a reason as to why you would like to start learning how to play golf. Based on my personal experience, I can recommend golf as a business or career tool.

Enjoy your next game with your business colleagues. Check out the article below on the benefits of playing golf for your business or organization.

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