Who Will Sponsor Red Bull F1 in 2022

Sponsorship plays a big role in the balance sheet of a formula one team. It is one of the ways an F1 team generates money. Red Bull’s Max Verstappen won the drivers’ championship in 2021. This might have attracted sponsorship dollars. So, who will sponsor Red Bull F1 in 2022?

To put this into perspective, there are many ways that F1 teams make money.

Sponsorship is an integral part motorsport. It is big business when it comes to formula one racing.

When you consider that millions of people watch the races across the globe, you can appreciate why brands would like to be associated with the sport and F1 teams.

To run a formula one racing team, a lot of resources are required to cover costs and expenses.

A team needs to cover costs for research, development and salaries for the team. This includes the salary and bonuses paid to F1 drivers.

You can now clearly see why an F1 team might need a sponsor.

The value a sponsor might get from partnering with a formula one team is great.

However, creating a win-win partnership is important for the sponsorship to work.

So, who will sponsor Red Bull F1 in 2022?

In this article, I will look into the corporate organizations or brands that will sponsor Red Bull this year.


In conclusion, sponsorship is an important part of how formula one and F1 teams makes money.

That is why teams look for corporate partners.

In some cases, sponsorship includes financial and technical consideration.

For example, Red Bull F1 team is going to benefit from having Oracle as a sponsor.

They have worked together before, and their relationship has been productive so far.

When a sponsor and an F1 team is aligned, it can create value to both parties.

Other red bull sponsors in 2020 include;

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