Which is the Best F1 Track in the World

which is the best f1 track in the world

Have you ever asked yourself or wanted to know; which is the best F1 track in the world? If you are a formula one fan, or are interested in the sport, this is something you might have thought about.

Knowing or having this information could help you to decide on the race you might attend during the season.

Being at the best formula one track in the world can make your experience worthwhile. You can have the best seat and sight on the entire racing action over a weekend of racing.

Formula one is about driver’s skills combined with great car engineering. This also means a great deal of risk when a driver is on the track.

Over the many years of formula one, more than 70 circuits have been used to host various formula one grand prix.  That is why the question begs; which is the best F1 track in the world?

In this resource, I am going to share with you what many consider to be the best F1 track in the world or in the history of formula one racing.

What is the Best F1 Track in the World?

The Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps in Belgium is considered best F1 track in the world for many F1 drivers.

However, Jeddah Corniche Circuit in Saudi Arabia is latest and now the best formula one street track in the world.

The inaugural race was in December, 2021. It is the second-longest circuit, and the fastest street circuit in the history of formula one.

Best F1 Tracks in the World Today

When it comes to formula one racing, not all tracks or circuits are created equal. Some are better than others.

Here are some of the best F1 tracks in the world today.

  1. Spa-Francorchamps, Belgium.
  2. Interlagos/Sao Paulo, Brazil.
  3. Silverstone, United Kingdom.
  4. Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.
  5. Sepang, Malaysia.
  6. Monza, Italy.
  7. Suzuka, Japan.

Watching F1 cars drive through these seven tracks is an awesome experience. Even the F1 drivers enjoy the circuits.

Top 7 Best Formula 1 Circuits in the World

With aero, grip and power, the modern F1 car is a delight to drive.

It is a great to watch the cars take on best formula one track in the world.

  1. Spa-Francorchamps, Belgium.

Spa-Francorchamps in Belgium is the best F1 track in the world.

It is always a great and spectacular sight to see or watch an F1 car taking the new Blanchimont.

You will be on the edge when your favourite F1 drivers reaches the steep left, right, left of Eau Rouge and Radillion

Whether we are talking about the monstrous, 14km, original, or the modern, not-as-fearsome, but still amazing layout.

Spa welcomes pretty much any kind of racing car, but the really fast ones are the ones that look most spectacular.

  1. Interlagos/Sao Paulo, Brazil.

The circuit at the newly-rebranded Sao Paulo Grand Prix provides one of the best F1 tracks in the formula one today.

Many of the best formula one races of recent past have been witnessed at the Autodromo Jose Carlos Pace.

Interlagos suits the current formula one cars very well.

A memorable race was witnessed in 2021, where Lewis Hamilton won in a spectacular way. His speed during that weekend was referred to as ‘rocket speed’

During the weekend, where faced a technical penalty and a grid penalty, he was able to come from P20 to P5 during the sprint race.

Eventually, he won from P10, overtaking his championship rival Max Verstappen on Lap 59.

  1. Silverstone, United Kingdom.

If you are not aware, the current Silverstone track is relatively new. The older version would have been truly spectacular with the modern F1 cars.

This is because it had flat-out corners everywhere.

However, when you look at the current layout, it is also okay for the formula one cars.

Abbey sweeps right and uphill, the new Brooklands is a very tricky left hander with a shorter braking zone than you think it should have, and Copse and Stowe are still mighty challenges.

But the Maggots/Beckets/Chapel combination is what truly makes this worthy. Watch a low down angle of the cars sweeping left, right, left, right, left through the complex and you cannot help but be amazed.

  1. Jeddah Corniche, Saudi Arabia.

It is the newest track and latest entry into the F1 calendar.

The track is located at Jeddah Corniche area, with 27 turns and DRS zones on the long straights.

With these long straights and high-speed corners will ensure thi circuit has the highest average speed of any track in F1 history.

It is estimated the average speed will be 252km/hr.

The track has fast sections, a 12-degree banked corner that helps with overtaking and a stadium section surrounded by a number of grandstands.

It is the second-longest track in the world, after Spa-Francorchamps.

  1. Sepang, Malaysia.

This would have been a great circuit for the current and modern F1 cars with high downforce.

Unfortunately, this track is no longer on the formula one calendar.

To be fair to the designers, Sepang is an awesome track with a series of high speed turns and heavy braking zones. These would add overtaking options for the drivers.

  1. Monza, Italy.

Racing at Monza is not only fun, but also very exciting. As the home of the iconic Ferrari, it is one of the tracks considered to be prestigious.

With it’s simple layout, the track at Monza has long straights, mighty corners and pair of right handers through the Lesmos.

The Ascari chicane is one of the best chicanes around, sweeping right between a pair of tighter lefts. If you see cars through here in the flesh you will see they are on the very limit as they really attack the mid corner.

Then there is the Parabolica, a legend in its own right. Sandwiched between two monster straights the entire lap can be made or lost in the Parabolica and it is a spectacular corner to witness fast cars attack.

  1. Suzuka, Japan.

When you think of the best F1 tracks, you should add Suzuka track in Japan to your list.

The layout of Suzuka circuit has grown in popularity.

One of the most interesting things at this track are the right handers. These make up the two Degner corners that are awesome.


As I conclude this article, I do hope that you have gotten value in understanding which the best F1 track is in the world today.

While the above tracks or circuits are not exhaustive, they do represent some of the best F1 tracks in the world. Others can even refer to them as the most prestigious tracks.

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Each of the above formula one tracks present a unique aspect and challenge to the F1 drivers as well as the cars.

It is on this basis that you could consider each to be the best F1 track in the world. However, the Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps in Belgium is the ultimate best formula one track in the world for many F1 drivers.

They consider it the ‘Driver’s Dream’.