Which F1 Team Does Rolex Sponsor?

When it comes to formula one racing, keeping time is central to the sport. Performance by teams or drivers is measured in minutes or seconds. If you like luxury watches like Rolex, you might wonder; which F1 team does Rolex Sponsor in Formula One?

Sponsorship is big in formula one. It is one of the ways the sport and teams generate revenues.

The money that comes from a sponsor provides an F1 team with ability to invest more into the team.

Luxury watch manufacturers are some of the businesses that support formula one racing with sponsorship.

One the popular luxury watch is Rolex. So, which F1 team does Rolex sponsor today?

Time is critical in all sports. In formula one, it is fundamental to racing.

Team or a driver can win or lose a race, and even a championship in a split of seconds.

Getting time right requires you have a dependable watch or timepiece.

When you watch F1 races today, you will notice the Rolex brand as one of the top sponsors.

In this article, you will learn and understand role Rolex watches play in formula one today.


In conclusion, time management is an important aspect of life. You also need it when it comes to sports.

Formula 1 depends a lot on timely decisions.

Having the right or dependable watch partner is critical to the success of race management.

Luxury watch maker Rolex has taken a pole position as a global partner and sponsor of F1 sport.

You get the exact race times courtesy of the F1’s partnership with Rolex.

As you have learned, Rolex does not sponsor a single specific team in formula, it supports the entire sport on a global level.

This does not mean that drivers or team principals cannot wear Rolex watches.

In fact, Rolex has had a long-standing brand ambassador partnership with Sir Jackie Stewart. That has spanned over 40 years.