Where is Japanese Grand Prix Held

where is japanese grand prix held

Having an F1 race in Japan is always an exciting thing. The Japanese Grand Prix is popular and has produced great memories over the past. But where is Japanese Grand Prix held?

Everyone remembers the 1990 Japanese Grand Prix. To date, it remains of the most popular F1 race in Japan.

As the racing returns to Japan this year, it will be an opportunity for you to watch on your TV or attend the race in person.

To F1 management, racing in Japan has been one of their successful events or races.

It is also a race that has brought benefits to Japan. They leverage the F1 race to showcase their tourism sector.

The race in Japan helps the country attract tourists, and also bring world-class events to the island.

In this article, you will learn where Japanese Grand Prix is held.

You will also learn more about F1 racing in Japan, the time and location of the race.

Where is Japanese Grand Prix Held?

Japanese Grand Prix is an F1 world championship race being held at the Suzuka International Racing Course.

The F1 race in Japan has been held every year since 1976 at Fuji International Speeday, and in 1987 at the Suzuka circuit.

However, no races were held in 2020 and 2021 due to the global restrictions.

F1 racing returns in Japan in 2022.