What Should I Do for 3 Hours in Abu Dhabi

what should i do for 3 hours in abu dhabi

If you find yourself at a new country or airport, it is easy to get confused on things you can do. This is very true when you have a long layover, or when you want to spend a few hours at hand. It is the case if you have just arrived in Abu Dhabi. If that is your story, you might be asking yourself; what should I do for 3 hours in Abu Dhabi?

Time is the most important resource available to a person. That is why planning for how to spend your time is critical part of planning.

In this regard, finding yourself with some free hours can be welcome, or very confusing. Finding things to do for 3 hours in Abu Dhabi can be a daunting task.

In this resource, I am going to share with you ideas or things you should do if you have 3 hours in Abu Dhabi. The list is not exhaustive, but it can be very helpful.

What Should I do for 3 hours in Abu Dhabi

If you find yourself with about 3 hours in Abu Dhabi, you should consider doing the following things;

  1. Grab a bite/eat.
  2. Play golf
  3. Go sightseeing
  4. Relax at a lounge.
  5. Shop.
  6. Work.
  7. Sleep.

These are some of the things you can do if you have 3 hours in Abu Dhabi.

7 Things to do for 3 hours in Abu Dhabi

If you find yourself with some 3 hours to spend in Abu Dhabi, you should consider doing the following seven things.

  1. Grab a bite/eat.

At the airport, there are a number of restaurants and cafes. They are mostly open for 24 hours meaning you can grab a bite or eat at any moment.

You have a number of options for food including McDonalds, Burger King, O’Learys Sports Bar, Yumcha Asian Food and Montreux Jazz Café.

It is important to ensure that you have enough money to spend as things can be a bit expensive here.

  1. Play golf

If you love to golf, then you are in luck as it means you can spend 3 hours in Abu Dhabi on a golf course.

Al Ghazal golf course provides you with an opportunity to get fresh air and stretch your legs through a round of golf.

It is located near the airport and you can reach it in about 7 minutes.

This course is known as one of the world’s best sand golf courses. You can play 9 or 18 holes.

  1. Go sightseeing

For 3 hours in Abu Dhabi, you can be able to go sightseeing. There are a number of places you can go and enjoy.

One place you can visit is the Sheikh Zayed Mosque or Louvre Abu Dhabi. These locations have some iconic landmarks and collections.

Another option is for you to visit Emirates Palace, which is a fancy hotel that has one of the best beaches in Middle East. You can go for a walk or even have a meal at the hotel.

You can also be able to go to city centre from the airport.

  1. Relax at a lounge.

While you might have the time, sometimes you want to just rest and relax at a quieter and less rushed environment.

In Abu Dhabi, you can spend your time at a lounge at the airport. You will enjoy good food, watch TV and read various magazines in the lounge.

You can also get into a spa for manicures, pedicures and body massages.

The Six Senses Spas offer luxurious treatments to members and guests of Etihad Diamond First and Pearl Business Class lounges. You can get this at Terminals 1 and 3.

  1. Shop for items.

If you would want to buy some things, you can do this at the airport when you have a few hours to spare in Abu Dhabi.

Terminals 1 and 3 are home to endless shopping opportunities, from Middle Eastern and international boutiques, to massive Duty Free shopping areas.

High-end highlights include Mont Blanc, Rolex, Burberry, Bulgari, and Emporio Armani.

  1. Work

One of the ways to spend 3 hours in Abu Dhabi is to work. This could be in your hotel room or if you are having a layover at the airport.

One advantage you have is the availability of free WiFi at the airport.

This means you can get your laptop out, grad something to eat or drink and work for 2 or 3 hours.

You can also access printing or faxing facilities at the lounge in the airport.

  1. Sleep

As a traveller, you probably are in Abu Dhabi in transit to your next destination. Having 3 hours in Abu Dhabi provides you with a chance to do a few things.

One of the things you can do in Abu Dhabi is sleep for three hours.

You can take advantage of the long layover to take a nap and rest.

There are two options that you can consider at the airport. You can check into one of the two hotels available within the airport property.

One hotel is in the transit area of Terminal 1, and the other opposite the airport.

The second option would be heading to the Go Sleep Lounge in Terminal 3. You can book 2 or 3 hours of sleep time.


In conclusion, you have a choice of things to do if you have 3 hours to spend in Abu Dhabi.

If it is a layover, you can spend the entire time at the airport. You can visit the various shops and buy items at the duty free shops.

Attending a formula one race at the Yas Marina circuit would also be an awesome plan.

However, if you are within the Abu Dhabi, you can find a number of things to do. You can check out the various cuisines, check into a hotel and sleep, visit local malls or meet up with a friend.

The goal would be to find the best way for you to utilize the 3 hours in Abu Dhabi.