7 Things to Consider When Beginning to Golf

Can you imagine spending a few hours at a golf course with your friends or business colleagues? If you would like that, you should find ways to learn how to play golf. As you start to play golf, you might be wondering; what should I consider when beginning to golf?

I have been playing golf for a few years now.

When I started playing golf, I did not know what to consider or what to expect from the sport.

However, I now know better and you are in luck if you are a beginner in golf.

In this article, I am going to share with you things to consider when beginning golfing.

As a beginner golfer, these are the things you should know before investing in learning how to play golf.

You should have an idea of what to expect, the kind of golfing gear your need and how long it might take you to learn golf.

Let us get into this.

What Should I Consider When Beginning to Golfing?

Now that you want to start playing golf, there are a few things you should consider.

These include;

  1. How to learn how to play golf.
  2. The golf equipment or gear you need.
  3. Your current schedule/time.
  4. What to wear when golfing.
  5. Access to a golf course.
  6. Cost of playing golf.
  7. Training and practicing.

I can assure you that these things are not exhaustive. There are a lot more stuff you should consider as a new beginner golfer.

Playing golf has a lot of benefits to you and also to businesses.

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It is important to ensure you get everything right when starting playing golf.

7 Things to Consider When Beginning to Golf

As you start to play golf, you can be confused by many things. These includes the golf accessories, what to wear, where to learn golf and how to achieve golf-life balance.

If you are wondering what you should consider when beginning to golf, here are top seven things;

  1. How to learn how to play golf.

This is the most basic thing to consider. You should find a way of learning to play golf in a sustainable way.

Are you going to hire a golf trainer?

Will you join a golf course?

Should I use the driving range or use a golf simulator at home?

These are some of the question to answer as you begin to golf.

  1. Golf equipment or gear you need.

Golf is a sport that requires the right tool or equipment.

In this regard, you need to consider how and where you are going to get the necessary golf accessories.

You should find a place to buy golf clubs and also the right golf shoes.

Ask for advice on the other golf equipment or gear that is important for a beginner.

  1. Your current schedule.

Learning golf requires an investment of time. You should have enough time to practice or take up lessons with your trainer.

In this regard, it is critical that you review and analyze your current schedule.

Can you schedule golf lessons or practice in your existing calendar?

It takes time to master playing golf, with some estimating that you need between six and twelve months to master golf as a beginner.

Therefore, you should be able to allocate time to practice and learn when starting to golf.

  1. What to wear when golfing.

As part of the golfing rules and regulations, you are expected to wear in a certain way.

This means that golf has a dress code you should adhere to.

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You might be required to buy new golfing shoes, trousers or dress if you intend to start playing golf.

  1. Access to a golf course.

Another thing to consider is availability of golf courses in your neighbourhood.

You will need to have access to a golf course as you begin to golf.

A golf course is important as it provides you with a place to train or practice your golf skills.

You can use the driving range to improve your swings and learn how to hit balls well.

Most golf courses usually have a resident professional golfer, and he or she can be a great resource when beginning your golfing journey.

  1. Cost of playing golf.

Playing golf is not cheap. It costs money.

You should consider the total cost of playing golf before or when beginning to golf.

The cost include the amount of money you need to buy golf clubs, golf shoes, golf bag and entry fees into a golf course.

You also should consider the annual subscription fees and caddy fees, as well as green fees each time you play a round of golf with friends or colleagues.

Cost of playing golf is an important consideration for any new golfer.

  1. Training and practicing.

Learning how to play golf requires focus, consistency and a great deal of practicing.

You cannot become a good or great golfer by just hitting the golf balls a few time in a month.

Learning how to swing a golf club or how to hit a golf ball requires you to train and practice.

In this regard, you should consider training and practice when beginning to play golf.


In conclusion, there are a few things you should consider when beginning or starting your golfing journey.

You need to be clear on why you want to learn golf. Are you doing it for leisure or you want to become a professional golfer?

These factors will help you to play golf better as a beginner.

You should practice, be consistent, get training, invest in the right golf accessories and choose the correct golf course.

It is also important to ensure you learn and understand the rules of the sport. This would include the basic golf etiquette.

As you have seen, there are quite a number of things you should consider when beginning to golf.

Once you have learned how to play golf, go ahead and enjoy a round of golf.

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