What Do The Numbers On Golf Balls Mean

If you are interested or keen on playing golf, it is possible you have noticed a few unique things. These could include the size of a golf ball, the dimples on the golf ball or some numbers on your favourite golf balls. But wht do the numbers on golf balls mean?

Have you ever taken time to understand why a golf ball has a number? It is possible you have not, and you are not alone.

Attention to detail is very important when it comes to playing golf. Therefore, you should take time to learn and understand the meaning of the numbers on golf balls.

As a golfer, this is good knowledge or information to have.

When I started learning how to play golf, i was intrigued by the numbers. At first, it was not making sense to me.

That is why I have taken time to create this resource for you. It is my small way of helping you understand some the basic things about golf.

While you might never be required to talk about what the numbers on the golf balls mean, it might be important should it ever come up during a conversation.

Usually, a golf ball will have one or two numbers on it. They are not many numbers to avoid clutter and also reduce confusion.

Let us dive deeper into what these numbers on golf balls really mean.


In conclusion, I do hope you now understand what the numbers on your golf balls mean.

When playing golf, it is common to have several other people on the golf course.

In fact, it is possible that you are playing golf with your friends and colleagues.

You can use the numbers of the golf balls to identify your balls. It is an easier way of identification.

As you have seen, the numbers can also indicate compression rating as well as dimples on the golf ball.

For example, the Titleist Professional 90 or Titleist Professional 100 indicated the compression rating of 90 or 100.

When Titleist Pro VI hit the market, it would have the 392 number, indicating the number of dimples on the cover pattern.

However, it is important to note that some golf ball manufacturers no longer print such information the golf balls.