What is the Weight of a Golf Bag

One of the common scenes in a golf course is a golf bag. Every golf player has one. You will need it if you want to play golf, or you already have it if you have started learning how to play golf.

I have seen players carrying the golf bag while on the course. This got me thinking and I wondered, what is the weight of a golf bag? So I did a little research to find out.

One of the challenges associated with playing 18 holes of golf involves carrying your bag while on the course. This is why it is important to take its overall weight into account. So, how much does the average golf bag (along with the clubs) weigh? The short answer to this question is that the combined weight is about 13.6 kilograms or about 30 pounds.

What is a Good Golf Bag Weight?

However, we also need to keep in mind that this is merely a rough estimate. Many other factors will come into play. Accessories, the golf balls and whether the apparatus is wet or dry can also play crucial roles.

This brings us to an important question. What is a good bag weight and how might you be able to lighten the load in order to enjoy your time on the course? Let’s take a closer look.

The Approximate Weight of the Golf Bag

Experts estimate that the average bag weighs somewhere between 1.4 and 2.3 kilograms (roughly between three and five pounds).

Golf bag weight without clubs

Whether you are carrying your golf bag for a round or just merely looking to lift it in the trunk of your car, you know how heavy these bags can get.

When you put all of your supplies and equipment into a golf bag, the weight adds up fast.

There are some things you can do to help control the weight in your bag.First, let’s start with how much a bag weighs with clubs, without clubs.

When a golf bag is empty, it weighs much less than when you start filling it with clubs.

By the time you add golf balls and other gear, the weight shoots up fast.

A golf bag is going to weigh anywhere from seven to eleven pounds. A stand bag or carry bag is going to weigh anywhere from three to six pounds.

Cart bags tend to have much larger pockets and accommodate more belongings. Cart bags also have a base on the bottom that helps them stay stable on a golf cart. Since the base allows a cart bag to stand on its own, it has a good amount of weight to it.

A cart bag is not ideal if you plan on walking the golf course and carrying your golf bag.

Carry bags are designed to be very light and easy to walk and play with. These bags usually have their weight evenly distributed so that it will be more comfortable to carry. Some very small golf bags are called Sunday Bags.

These are usually just meant to carry a few clubs.

The concept is that on a Sunday afternoon, you can grab the Sunday bag and get a few holes in.The weight of a Sunday bag is usually never more than about 3 pounds.

Sunday bags cannot stand on their own; you just lay them on the ground.

This helps to save quite a bit of weight.


Since we determined that the average golf bag weighs 7 to 11 pounds, this would be about 3-5kgs.

You may be wondering why it is essential to know the weight of your golf bag.

Where this comes into play is when you travel.

By the time you put your bag, clubs, golf balls, shoes, etc., into the travel bag, you could end up well over the fifty-pound limit.

This is important to consider when traveling.

If you need to buy some golf balls when you reach your destination, that will be the quickest way to lower the weight in your travel bag.