What is Max Verstappen Salary

Max Verstappen won the controversial 2021 drivers championship. It is a victory that has commercial benefits to him as a person. But, what is Max Verstappen’s salary?

In formula one, drivers are handsomely paid.

Their talent is compensated in a competitive way.

As a driver, your value increases as your performance becomes better. However, this also depends in some way by the team you drive for.

If you are among the top teams, you can negotiate for a higher pay package. The teams can afford to pay you top dollars for your services.

Max Verstappen is currently driving for Red Bull F1 team.

Being a champion, it is expected that he is earning a higher income, from salary and other sources.

So, how much or what is Max Verstappen’s salary today?

In this article, you will learn how much Verstappen earns as a Red Bull racing driver.

What is Max Verstappen’s Net Worth?

When it comes to personal finances, your source of income is one of the most important tools in creating wealth.

This principle applies to formula one drivers too.

Max Verstappen’s net worth is estimated at $60 million. His salary is now at $50 million per year.

The new salary was part of his 5-year contract that he signed with Red Bull. It means he will drive for the team until 2028.

A driver can use the salary they receive or the money they are paid to increase their net worth.

Max Verstappen is now getting a lot of money as salary from Red Bull.

Over the years, he has used his income from salary and bonuses to build over $60 million in net worth.

Max has a new contract with very huge financial benefits.

This means that Verstappen’s net worth could grow to reach over $100 million over the next five years.


In conclusion, Max Verstappen is joining a list of well paid formula one drivers.

This list includes the Lewis Hamilton, who is the highest paid driver on the grid today.

Max is a relatively young driver, meaning he has a great future in formula one.

Therefore, you can expect that his salary and bonuses will continue to increase over the coming years.

At the moment, he has signed a contract with Red Bull up to the end of 2023 season.

You can expect him to end this contract by further two or three years to 2025-2026 seasons respectively.

Max Verstappen’s salary today is about $42 million per year, including $17 million worth of bonuses.

It is interesting to watch how his salary, income and net worth will increase over the years to the time he retires from F1.