What Does Harvesting Mean in F1

what does harvesting mean in f1

As you watch a formula race, it is common to hear commentators or pundits talk of harvesting. When you hear the term harvesting, it is possible you are thinking of farming or farm produce. But, what does harvesting mean in F1?

In formula 1 racing, the term harvesting takes a different meaning. This is usually in relation to energy recovery on a formula one car.

As you can expect, formula one cars are complex. They run on innovative solutions and systems to improve performance.

One such system relates to how an F1 car recovers the waste energy generated by the engine.

When it comes to your road car, you waste a lot of energy when driving around. Unfortunately, your car is not equipped with a system to help you recover that energy.

Except for hybrid cars. They have a mechanism that can do a similar thing to harvesting in formula one.

Formula one has created solution that allows the harvesting of the energy that would be lost during braking.

In this article, you will learn harvesting means in F1. You will also understand the energy recovery system that formula 1 uses to harvest energy.

What Does Harvesting Mean in F1?

In formula one, harvesting refers to the process where the F1 car’s mechanism tries to recover some of the energy lost during racing.

The system that does this is referred to as the Energy Recovery System or ERS.

Through the Energy Recovery System (ERS), the F1 cars can harvest energy from waste energy produced throughout the race.

For this to work smoothly, there are two components that must be in place. They include the MGU-H and the MGU-K

In simple terms, the MGU-H converts wasted heat energy into electricity, while the MGU-K converts kinetic energy from braking into electricity.

This is what harvesting means in F1. It is the process of recovering some of the lost energy into electricity when an F1 car is racing.