What Do You Enjoy About Playing Golf

What do you enjoy about playing golf?

This is one of the questions I get asked a lot by friends, family and business colleagues who do not play golf.

You can understand their concerns. Spending time on a golf course seems boring, and a waste of valuable time to them.

If you are one of those still wondering whether to start playing golf or not, you are in luck today.

As part of my contribution to the sport of golf, I will share with you what I enjoy about playing golf.

In this post, you will learn the reasons you should play golf. you will understand the numerous benefits of playing golf to your business as well.

By the end of reading this article, you will have clear answers to’ what do you enjoy about playing golf?

Let us dive into this now.


As I conclude, it is my hope that you now understand what makes one enjoy playing golf.

The above reasons mean you can enjoy a round of golf with friends, family or professional colleagues.

Millions of people hit the golf course every year. Some are professional golfers, while others play golf for fun and as a leisure activity.

You should also learn how golf works so that you can enjoy the sport.

At whatever level you are in your career or business, you can enjoy a few things about playing golf.

In a nutshell, what do you enjoy about playing golf?

You enjoy networking, exercising, closing business deals, spending time outdoors, challenging yourself and the fact that you can play golf with your entire family.

These are some of the benefits or reasons that you can enjoy playing golf today.

I can confirm that golf can be beneficial to your health, career and business.

As a golfer, the above are some of the things I enjoy most about getting into a course for a round of golf.