Upstream Golf Tournament – 5 Key Reasons You MUST Attend

upstream golf tournament

There is something very special about playing a round of golf with friends or business colleagues. It is fun, you get to catch up and you can build very valuable business networks from golfing. That is what upstream golf tournament is about.

If you are interested in oil and gas business, this is a golf tournament you should be part of. It does not matter whether you play golf or not.

In the oil and gas industry, golf plays a significant role in promoting businesses or in networking. It is a game that provides a platform for engagement.

The idea of using the game of golf for business is an idea that works for different business niche.

When I started the upstream oil and gas golf tournament, Kenya had just discovered oil discoveries in northern region of Turkana, at Lokichar.

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It is my small contribution towards promoting local content in the oil and gas industry. I am very passionate about local businesses getting involved in the upstream oil and gas sector across Africa.

That is how this annual oil and gas golf tournament started.

What is Upstream Oil and Gas Golf Tournament?

This is an annual golf tournament that brings together companies, business leaders and professionals from across the oil and gas value chain.

It is an oil and gas golf tournament held every February of the year with an aim of building networks across the industry.

You should purpose to be part of this great oil and gas event.

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Oil and Gas Networking Events

A golf event is a great opportunity to build your networks in the oil and gas industry.

You should not be afraid to attend a golf event even if you are not a golfer yet. It is important to consider attending as a fan or spectator.

There are a lot of benefits that an oil and gas networking event provides to you. They include the following.

  1. Meet new people.
  2. Promote your brand, products or services.
  3. Travel to new places.

It is common that a golf tournament is taking place within a region and at a golf course. You are going to have a great and memorable experience, besides enjoying a round of golf if you are a player.

The best way to experience and enjoy golf is to watch it live and up close. Attending a golf tournament is a great way to do that.

Why Oil and Gas Golf Tournaments are Important

A few years ago, I started hosting the upstream oil and gas golf tournament in my home country of Kenya.

The idea for me is simple. I am bringing people together to network, exchange ideas and enjoy a round of golf while doing that.

It is an opportunity for professionals and business leaders to engage.

Upstream oil and gas industry is very interesting. It provides work and business opportunities.

For example, oil and gas discoveries in East Africa are great opportunities for local business to get involved in supply of goods and services.

Hosting the upstream golf tournament in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania brings together different players interested in the oil and gas industry.

Importance of Oil and Gas Golf Events

I have come to enjoy attending oil and gas golf tournaments. You would get a lot of benefits if you did too.

These would include;

  1. Opportunity to meet new clients.
  2. You will be able to market or sell your products and services.
  3. It is an outlet to have fun.
  4. You will bond and create friendships.
  5. Learn from other golfers.

Benefits of Oil and Gas Golf Events.

As I mentioned above, let me now discuss the benefits you would get for being part of an oil and gas golf tournament.

  1. Opportunity to meet new clients.

One way in which you can grow your professional or business network is by meeting new people.

Creating new relationships provides you with a chance to meet new clients or customers.

You can do this by attending a golf tournament, as a golfer or as a spectator.

  1. You will be able to market or sell your products and services.

I know you have seen it, the branding or merchandising that sometimes takes place at golf tournament.

Participating at the upstream golf tournament provides you with an opportunity to promote or market your products and services.

You can do this through several ways. For example, you can join as an event sponsor and leverage on the golf event.

  1. It is an outlet to have fun.

When was the last time you had fun? It is common to find people uptight when doing business.

However, a game of golf is very relaxing and you get an outlet to have fun with your colleagues or friends.

During a golf tournament, you can create a 4-ball team, comprised of people you like and would be fun to play with.

  1. You will bond and create friendships.

Playing the entire 18 holes at a golf course is not easy. It takes several hours.

Spending that time with your teammates provides a great opportunity to create bonds and cement friendships.

In fact, it is common to see people keen to develop deeper relationship suggesting a round of golf.

This is simply because if you spend about three or four hours with a person, you are likely to develop a deeper relationship with him and her.

Upstream golf tournament is a platform that provides you with such an amazing opportunity to build meaningful relationships.

  1. Learn from other golfers

You can be able to improve your golf game by watching or studying other golfer’s moves.

It is easier when you are at the course, than when you watch golf on TV.

As a golfer, it makes sense to attend a upstream golf tournament. You can use this tournament to improve your game.

Past Upstream Golf tournaments

If you have not attended any upstream oil and gas tournament in the past, you surely have missed a lot.

The golf events have been interesting, fun and have provided huge opportunities for business networking.

More importantly, the oil and gas golf events have been a platform to promote local content in the oil and gas industry.

Upstream Oil and Gas Golf Tournament – How It Works

The way upstream oil and gas works is pretty simple.

When the organizers set the date and the venue for the event, it becomes an invite-driven event.

You can attend by registering to either play or join as a spectator.

This most interesting bit of the tournament is the hospitality segment, mostly in the evening. It is at this evening party that the winners are announced and awarded.


In conclusion, a golf tournament is important for purposes of business networking and lead generation.

You can achieve so much by hosting or attending an oil and gas golf tournament in your country or town.

Understanding how oil and gas industry works, opportunities available and how to tap into them is a good reason to be part of the upstream golf tournament.

As a business, you can join this great event as a sponsor. You will get immense value as a brand from being associated with the oil and gas golf tournament.

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