What Are Tecpro Barriers in F1

what are tecpro barriers in f1

One of the common features in racing tracks is the barriers. You will find them on the sidelines of an F1 track. The most common today are tecpro barriers. You might ask; what are tecpro barriers in F1?

Another important question might be; what are tecpro used in formula one made of?

To understand why barriers are important in F1, it is food to appreciate that F1 racing is dangerous.

It poses a great risk to the drivers.

High-speed motor racing is a dangerous sport, to the drivers and also to the spectators who attend formula one races.

As time, attitudes, and technology have moved on, driver safety has become paramount.

The last line of safety in F1 is the safety barrier, and commonly the tecpro barriers.

In this article, you will learn about tecpro barriers, what they are and their importance.

You will also learn the materials used to made tecpro barriers in formula one.