What is the Purpose of Sidepods on a Formula Car

As the formula one teams unveiled their cars in 2022, there was clearly something new about them. It turns out that all teams have designed sidepods as part of their aerodynamic package. So, what is the purpose of side pods in formula one cars?

Like me, am sure you have tried to understand what side pods are all about.

You want to know the role they are playing in the modern F1 cars.

It is that curiosity that made me dig a little bit on what side pods are, and their purpose on a formula one car today.

But first, let us understand what side pods are all about.

What is a SidePod in F1?

While side pod is not entirely new in formula one, the term might be very new to you.

A sidepod is an aerodynamic element or component used to direct the flow of the air to the rear of an F1 vehicle.

In formula one today, various teams have designed their sidepods in very different concepts.

The most interesting ones are the Mercedes Sidepods, and Ferrari sidepods which are the biggest on the grid.

Sidepods are mainly used to cool the engines. In the section below, you will learn how sidepods work to provide a cooling effect to components.