Is It Okay to Start Playing Golf in Your Twenties

Golf is a great sport, and there are many benefits of learning to play golf. If you are young, it is possible you might think that it is early to start golf. My sister who is 23 years old asked me; is it okay to start playing golf in your twenties?

To be honest, this question got me off guard. I had never thought about how young people can start and play golf.

I have always thought one should start playing golf a little bit later in life. So, i had to research on this question.

Many young people are interested in playing golf.

What would be a better way to spend your time and earn money than playing golf? Imagine waking up and going to spend the day at a beautiful golf course.

That is a life you would really enjoy in your twenties. It would be better if you are getting paid as golfer in your 20s.

In this article, I am going to share with you the benefits of starting golf in your twenties. You also learn whether it is possible to be a professional golfer in your 20s.


In conclusion, you can start playing golf at any age. Your current age does not stop you from being a golfer.

If you did not learn golf as a child or in your teenage years, you can still start playing golf in your twenties.

There is a record of golf players who started golf in their 20s and went on to win professional tournaments.

One example is Larry Nelson. He learned how to play golf in his twenties and won the PGA Tour in 1981.

In this regard, you should not be worried by the fact that you are already in your twenties and have not started golf.

You can start golf and become a successful player in your twenties.

In fact, it is possible to also start a career in golf in your 20s. However, you will be required to practice, become consistent and invest in the right golfing gear.

Today, it is my hope that I have motivated you enough to start playing golf in your twenties or as a young professional.