Why Is Nicholas Latifi Bad at Driving in F1

why is nicholas latifi bad at driving in f1

The tenure of Nicholas Latifi in formula one racing has not lacked controversies. Driving for the Williams F1 team had challenges. You might even wonder; why is Nicholas Latifi bad at driving in F1?

To fully understand why Nick Latifi has a challenging career as an F1 driver, you would need to analyse his time at the paddock.

F1 is the highest form of motor racing and requires a very high level set of skills.

Latifi got the opportunity, as a pay driver, to participate in this great sport.

While many expected him to thrive, things seem not to work for him.

This begs the question, why is Nicholas Latifi bad at driving in F1?

In this article, you will learn more about Nicholas Latifi driving style and why his driving at F1 was bad.

You will also understand reasons that contributed to his driving being below the expectations.