Will Lewis Hamilton Win Eighth Drivers Championship

will lewis hamilton win eighth drivers championship

The question on every F1 fan has lately been; will Lewis Hamilton win eighth drivers championship?

You can understand why this is the case. Hamilton has won seven world championships, matching Michael Schumacher’s titles.

With Lewis Hamilton still racing, another win would see him clinch the eighth drivers’ championship.

The closest Hamilton has come to winning his 8th title was in 2021.

He lost the title on the last lap of the last race in Abu Dhabi in what has turned out to be a controversial decision-making by the race director. Max Verstappen won the race at Yas Marina.

Many people believe that the race was fixed by the stewards and the race director.

Lewis Hamilton also felt the same, saying on team radio that ‘This is being manipulated, man’

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It seems millions of formula one fans across the world felt the same. The injustice of having his victory stolen from him hit many people hard.

Hamilton has a chance to win eighth drivers championship in 202 and 2023.


In conclusion, you cannot take away the success Lewis Hamilton has had in formula one.

As a seven-time World Champion, Lewis has a real chance of winning an eighth drivers championship in the next two years.

He signed a 2-year contract to drive for Mercedes F1 team. This contract comes to an end in 2023.

This means that after 2021, Lewis Hamilton can win eighth drivers championship in either 2022 or 2023.

Achieving that success would make him the greatest of all formula one drivers. He would have one more win over Michael Schumacher, with whom he shares the seven championship with.

It is going to be an interesting two year, with new changes in 2022 which includes new car designs.