Is Playing Golf Popular in Silicon Valley

Golf is a popular sport among business people and executives. You will find them in the golf course, at least once a week. In Silicon Valley, there are many businesses, and an equal or more number of business people. When it comes to sports, is playing golf popular in Silicon Valley?

I have been curious about this for a while. It would be interesting to understand the role golf plays in Silicon Valley.

The area is known as the global headquarters of tech industry. Many brands have been started and are located at Silicon Valley.

Golf is considered an important business tool. It helps business people to relax, network and even discuss business deals as they play a round of golf.

So, is playing golf popular in Silicon Valley?

That is what you and I are going to discuss in this article. I have taken time to research on the golf and golf courses in Silicon Valley.

My objective has been to help you understand the if playing golf is popular in Silicon Valley. Also, you will learn the role, if any, that the sport of golf plays in the businesses that operate out of Silicon Valley.


In conclusion, while there are many golf courses in Silicon Valley, the sport is not very popular in this community.

It is a community that consists of highly active entrepreneurs and professionals.

Their focus is on building and growing their tech start-ups.

In this regard, they have very little time to go and play golf. The business leaders and entrepreneurs would consider golf very slow.

As you have seen above, there are several reasons why golf is not popular in Silicon Valley.

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While networking is central to business, it does seem that in Silicon Valley, they do not consider golf to be one of the tools for business meetings.

In a nutshell, golf is not very popular among business leaders or executives in Silicon Valley.

And it has been like that for several decades now.