Is Lewis Hamilton Coming Back

Formula 1 is a sport that hinges a lot on integrity. However, that seems to have evaporated on the last lap of the Abu Dhabi finale in 2021. It is a situation that has raised uncertainty on the future of F1’s most successful driver. That is why many are wondering; is Lewis Hamilton coming back?

While Hamilton signed a contract with Mercedes up to 2023, it is not certain that he will remain in the sport.

After the controversial end to the 2021 championship, he went silent.

Nobody knew where he was, and he said very nothing for over two months.

This led to a great deal of speculation by fans, formula 1 media pundits and other stakeholders.

However, he posted a message on social media announcing that he had been away.

With that message, the question still begs; is Lewis Hamilton coming back or will stay away from the sport?

In this article, I will try and look into Hamilton’s options.

The idea is to shed some light and share my opinion what I think might happen in 2022 and 2023.


As I conclude, it is good to let you know that Lewis Hamilton is not retiring as yet.

I do not think retirement is on the cards for the world champion.

However, the FIA must give a solution to the Abu Dhabi finale issue.

Hamilton feels the race was manipulated and he said as much on team radio as the race ended.

There is need for F1’s governing body to show, not just to Hamilton, but to the entire F1 fanbase that they acted on those who made wrong decisions in Abu Dhabi.

A lot of people would not want to see Hmailton leave the sport under the cloud of integrity issues.

FIA and Formula 1 sport would not want that either.

So, is Lewis Hamilton coming back?

The answer to this question depends on the outcome of the investigation ordered by the FIA.

However, my opinion is that Lewis Hamilton will be back to race in the sport that he loves.

He will use the next two or three seasons to cement his legacy.

This will include winning an 8th or even 9th drivers’ championship.

Also, he will use his influence and popularity to fight for the causes that he believes in.

It is clear the next couple of years will be interesting for Lewis Hamilton.