Is Lance Stroll Any Good as an F1 Driver

That Lance Stroll comes from a wealthy family has never been in doubt. His father is a billionaire and part-owner of the Aston Martin racing team. But is Lance Stroll any good as an F1 driver on his own?

In recent years, F1 has been accused of becoming a rich people’s club.

There are a number of billionaires who have joined formula one as investors and owners of team.

You can see why there is that view of the sport becoming the playground of rich people’s kids.

Lance Stroll is driving for Aston Martin, a team owned by his father.

This could explain why some feel he is a pay driver.

You might wonder whether he would still drive for the team if his father was not one of the investors.

Many other fans ask; is Lance Stroll any good as n F1 driver?

It is clear where or why someone could ask such a question.

Today, you will get some clarity as to whether Lance Stroll is any good as a formula one driver.

It is important to try and separate his racing performance from the shadow of his father.


Over the seasons, Lance Stroll has been improving as a racing driver.

However, his efforts have not been good enough to shake off the pay driver tag.

I would be interested to know if he would thrive as a driver without the patronage of his billionaire father.

Having said that, you must also give it to him.

Lance Stroll has provided a glimpse of the kind of a driver he is.

He has been able to perform extremely well in some case, producing great results.

For example, he qualified on pole position at the wet Turkish Grand Prix in 2020.

He became the first Canadian to take pole position since Jacques Villeneuve at the 1997 European Grand Prix.

It is important to note that he added to his reputation the fact he can compete in tricky conditions.

This is usually a skill reserved for the top drivers on the grid, like Lewis Hamilton who is extremely good in wet conditions.

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