Is Golf a Luxury Sport

Is golf a luxury sport?

This is one of the common question people ask. And there is a reason why you might also feel that golf is a luxury sport.

When I started entertaining the idea of learning how to play golf, this was something i wanted to find out.

There is a lot of misinformation about golf. You will find some who argue that golf is a sport for the rich people only.

Others think that golf is a luxury sport.

In this article, I will try and help you find out what makes golf to be considered a luxury sport.

In fact, the real question would be; is golf a luxury sport really? And what makes golf luxurious?

Playing golf is enjoyable. I like taking time with my friends and colleagues to hit some balls on the golf course.

It is very relaxing and you can also build friendships as you play golf.

This means that golf has a lot of benefits.

Today, golf is an accessible sport. You can be able to learn how to play and you have access to golf courses.

So, let us find out if golf is truly a luxury sport as some say.


In conclusion, golf is a sport that requires you to have enough disposable income.

Playing golf is not cheap. You are required to invest in golf gear and equipment to enjoy the sport.

These cost money and some can be extremely expensive.

Therefore, it is easy to see why golf is a luxury sport. You need to have money to spend on golf course fees, golf shoes, golf bags and other accessories for you to play the sport.

In this regard, then you can argue that golf is a luxury sport. You cannot play golf if you are still struggling with basic needs.

Golf is a luxury sport as you need to have money or wealth to truly enjoy the sport.

It is the reason you find rich people or business people playing golf often. They have the means and resources to invest in golf as a sport.

Golf is therefore a luxury and lifestyle sport.

As you start learning how to play golf, you should always have that in mind.